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Have you ever told a child to "make good choices?" How … [Read More]

How to Help Kids Make Good Choices

Have you ever tried reading a book to a large group of … [Read More]

Getting Kids to Pay Attention in School

Did you know there are strategies you can use that will … [Read More]

Hands-On Learning in Preschool

Challenging Behaviors Book Study FAQ

Challenging Behaviors Book Study FAQ

We’re having a party and you’re invited! It’s an online book study blog party where we discuss the topic of challenging behaviors in the classroom. Here are the answers to the most … [Read More...]

What’s in Your Science Center?

Preschool Science Center

The science center is a high interest center in any preschool or kindergarten classroom. Kids love the science center because it provides open ended opportunities for them to discover and explore. … [Read More...]

What’s in Your Play Dough Center?

Preschool Play Dough Center

Do your kids love play dough? The play dough center is always a favorite among young children. We all know that play dough is a fun and engaging activity for young kids, but did you know that play … [Read More...]

What’s in Your Dramatic Play Center?

What's in Your Dramatic Play Center?

The dramatic play center is always one of the favorite centers in any early childhood classroom! The amount of learning that goes on in the dramatic play center is amazing. Everything from oral … [Read More...]

Father’s Day Gifts from Kids

Father's Day Gifts from Kids

Need some gift ideas for the kids to make for Father's Day? Here are some of my favorite gifts kids can make (or help make) for dads or male role models. Father's Day Gifts from Kids Father's … [Read More...]

Summer Book Study: Challenging Behaviors

Challenging Behaviors Book Study

Another summer is almost here and you know what that means; the annual Book Study Blog Party is about to begin! We're going to change things up a little bit this year. Please read this post … [Read More...]

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