You don't have to be a teacher to know that young … [Read More]

5 Environmental Print Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

Do you read the Pete the Cat books to your students at … [Read More]

Where is Pete the Cat? Back to School Activity

Do your kids love Pete the Cat? The character of Pete … [Read More]

Teaching Concepts of Print with Pete the Cat

Ask any teacher and he or she will tell you that … [Read More]

5 Tips for a Stress Free School Year

Rewards in the Classroom

Rewards in the Classroom

Do your kids beg for rewards for good behavior? Have you ever had second thoughts about rewarding children for good behavior with stickers and other trinkets? You’re not alone! I’m living … [Read More...]

Separation Anxiety in Preschool


Do you dread the first day of school? Teachers often have "schoolmares" - or nightmares about the first day of school, long before it ever arrives. Along with the unknown comes fear, it's only … [Read More...]

How to Help Kids Make Good Choices

How to Help Kids Make Good Choices

Have you ever told a child to "make good choices" to improve their behavior? How did that work out for you? Most teachers struggle with challenging behaviors such as this on a daily basis. … [Read More...]

How to Get Kids to Pay Attention

Getting Kids to Pay Attention in School

Have you ever tried reading a book to a large group of young children and their behavior made you feel like you were playing whack-a-mole? It seems like they just keep popping up and interrupting- … [Read More...]

5 Hands-On Strategies for Learning

Hands-On Learning in Preschool

Did you know there are simple teaching tips you can use that will make learning new concepts like identifying letters or numbers easier for young children in your preschool or kindergarten … [Read More...]

Challenging Behaviors Book Study FAQ

Challenging Behaviors Book Study FAQ

We’re having a party and you’re invited! It’s an online book study blog party where we discuss the topic of challenging behaviors in the classroom. Here are the answers to the most … [Read More...]

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