The recent arrival of Fall, with cooler temperatures … [Read More]

whats the weather center

Variety in weather is the spice of life! When the … [Read More]

weather process art

My children love simple but engaging activities for … [Read More]

fine motor spider activity

You’re a good teacher. ...but the never ending … [Read More]

Online Preschool Assessment Tool

What’s the Weather? Dramatic Play Dress Up Center

whats the weather center

The recent arrival of Fall, with cooler temperatures and rainier days, has forced us to trade in our flip flops and swimsuits for raincoats and boots. It has also created a lot of discussion with my … [Read More...]

Three Weather Art Activities

weather process art

Variety in weather is the spice of life! When the weather changes, it makes us more aware of our natural surroundings. There’s so much beauty to behold if we’d just take the time to look. Use this … [Read More...]

Spider Fine Motor Activity

fine motor spider activity

My children love simple but engaging activities for fine motor practice. This spider-themed activity is a perfect example as they get to cut, thread, bend, and glue with the extra bonus of having a … [Read More...]

Time-Saving Preschool Assessment Tool

Online Preschool Assessment Tool

You’re a good teacher. ...but the never ending assessments can get old really quickly and make you love your job just a little (ok, a lot) less. Here's the thing: You know assessing your … [Read More...]

Fall Science Activities for Preschool

fall science activities

It's fall and the perfect time for exploring nature. Here are 20 fall science activities for preschoolers that will help them investigate science concepts and the natural world around us. Fall … [Read More...]

Raindrop Plop: Make an Umbrella

weather book activity make umbrella

My favorite activities are inspired by books. Reading opens the imagination, and incorporating an activity into your story time truly brings books to life. This book activity is perfect for a … [Read More...]

Making Patterns with Spiders

making patterns with spiders

Making patterns with spiders is a fun and effective way to teach patterning to preschoolers. It adds an element of excitement to this hands-on math activity! Disclosure: Amazon links included … [Read More...]

Classroom Recipes: Slow Cooker Applesauce

Sliced Apples Slider

A favorite fall tradition in many preschool and kindergarten classrooms is making applesauce. Today I'm going to share with you a super easy and healthy recipe for homemade applesauce you can make … [Read More...]

How Does Your Pumpkin Measure Up?

pumpkin measuring math activity

Nothing says fall quite like pumpkins. And not only do they make for great fall décor, they also provide a plethora of learning opportunities for your preschoolers. After stalking our local farm … [Read More...]

ABC Pumpkin Patch Game

ABC Pumpkin Patch game

The fall season is almost here and with that comes pumpkins! Kids love going to the farm to pick their own pumpkins. So this pumpkin patch alphabet game will be a great activity for preschoolers … [Read More...]

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