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Birthday Bulletin Board

I recently decided to change the way I display birthdays in the classroom. You may remember that for many years I used cute gift bags for each month that I hung on the wall. Inside each bag were craft sticks with the child’s name and birth date. When I changed the calendar each month I just took the sticks out of the appropriate bag and placed them in our pocket chart calendar. This was a great space and time saver that I absolutely loved. However, when we started using our ActivBoard for the calendar it no longer seemed necessary.

Not being a big fan of bulletin boards it took me a long time to brainstorm another way to display birthdays. My classroom theme the last few years has been flowers and growing since young children really do grow a lot in only one year. I have a garden themed classroom library and my bulletin boards all have flower borders.

blooming birthdays

Finally it dawned on me; I should create a birthday display involving flowers and flower pots. I finally came up with the idea pictured above. I cut 12 flower pot shapes out of brown construction paper and added labels for the months. Next, I used my Cricut to cut out colorful flower shapes and glued them to craft sticks. I wrote each child’s name and birth date on the bottom of the sticks with a permanent marker and placed the finished flowers in the correct flower pot. I titled the bulletin board “Blooming Birthdays”.

I really like this new bulletin board, what do you think? How do you display student birthdays in your classroom?

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  1. Centers and Circle Time says:

    Hey, that is pretty neat! I still use the birthday chart! Maybe I’ll get some inspiration and try something new:) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the flower pots! I like that it goes with your theme of flowers and gardening and growth. I have an “under the sea” theme in my classroom…I have the children’s names b/dates written on little fish cut-outs and placed in groups by month on a chart. I then covered the chart with blue cellophane to give it an “under water” look. At the top, I have a cut-out of a little boy in a boat, holding a fishing pole with yarn descending into the “sea.” The chart is titled “Reeling in Birthday Fun!” BUT…it is NOT a space-saver! 😉 I still love the little bags you had before and was thinking of adapting that, too, by adding different sea creatures to each bag and fish cut-outs inside.

  3. Sherry Taylor says:

    I use the ActiveBoard for my calendar and morning routine too! I put the child’s picture on my ActiveBoard calendar of the month. We can count how many days until the birthday and the children love to see their picture on the ActiveBoard.

  4. We are the Busy Bees and everything is themed around bees and beehives. My birthday board is a beehive for each month with a bumblebee for each child. Their name and birth date are them. It says How Old Will You Bee? Each child is also recognized on our calendar on their birthday month.

  5. This year I used the cabinets above the sink to display birthdays. Students still read these cabinets daily while waiting in line to wash hands. I use differnt die cuts for each month..for examples snowmen for January, hearts for February…and they go on all the way to December filling up the 4 cabinets. BUT…..THIS YEAR MY THEME WAS “WATCH US GROW”!!!!!I have used flowers in different places in the room throughout these last few months. The flower birthday would have worked GREAT!!! I plan to use “WATCH US GROW” again next year so I will definitely use this flower birthday idea…this can go on the cabinets too!!!

  6. I use a birthday chart. I have thought about doing something different but I have never came up with anything different.

  7. Thanks for sharing Sandy! I’m glad you like the flower pot idea.

  8. Thanks for sharing Sherry. I also have little birthday cakes I place on our Activboard calendar to mark student birthdays, using their pictures is a great way to do it too!

  9. @Bette: Thanks for sharing!
    @Marci: Great minds think alike :) Glad you found the idea useful.

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