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Are you ready for some free stuff? It’s back-to-school time and you know what that means- bargain hunting time for teachers everywhere! What could be a better bargain than $50 worth of free product from DJ Inkers? I know, I can hardly believe it myself!

Just in case you’re new to planet earth and not familiar with DJ Inkers products allow me to enlighten you. DJ Inkers offers digital clip art, fonts, and bulletin board sets too. I could spend all day telling you about the many ways you can use DJ Inkers in your classroom, but instead I will try to show you in pictures below.

dj inkers newsletter
I like to use DJ Inkers digital fonts and clip art in my weekly newsletter. I send my newsletter home as a hard copy or as a PDF attachment for those parents who prefer to read it electronically.

dj lesson plan cover
Of course, no plan book would be complete without a custom DJ Inkers cover!

dj alphabet chart
The chart above is from the DJ Inkers Alphabet Smiles download kit. I put these in my student’s writing folders and send them home in their B.E.A.R. books.

dj parent note

I also use DJ Inkers fonts and clip art to decorate name cards, name tags, labels, parent handouts, and PowerPoint presentations for my classroom.

In the picture at the top of this page I have featured my favorite DJ Inkers products just in case you’re having a hard time choosing. My favorites, in no particular order, are:

  • Kidoodlez Early Years
  • Kidoodlez Language Arts
  • Kidoodlez Wonder-Full World
  • Kidillywinks

Would you like to have a $50 gift certificate to purchase the DJ Inkers products of your choosing? For your chance to spend the $50 gift certificate please leave a comment below letting us know why you like DJ Inkers products and how you use them in your classroom. This contest is now over, the winner is Sandra H. Sandra says “I have not had a chance to use DJ Inkers clipart, but it’s really precious!I love how it’s used by other teachers and would love to purchase to use in my classroom!” Congratulations Sandra!

Comments on this post may be used by DJ Inkers on their Customer Smiles page.

Make sure to include your e-mail address in your comments so you can be notified if you are the lucky recipient of the $50 gift certificate.

The new owner of the $50 gift certificate will be chosen via and congratulated via e-mail on Wednesday, August 10th, 2011.

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  1. Brigette says:

    I love , love, love DJ Inkers. I use their fonts and clipart for everything in my Pre-K class. I Even use DJ Inkers products to decorate my room for my students.

  2. D.J. Inkers was the very first software disk I bought “back in the day”! I love all the cute and colorful images. My preschoolers really enjoy them and so do I!

  3. Robin Horton says:


  4. I am not new to preschools, but I am new to working on the organizing a Pre-K from scratch… I have never used DJ Inkers yet, but would love to try it. I am a Director at a small preschool and we are starting up our Pre-K program and I found this web site through Pre-K Pages and love it!

  5. becki w. says:

    i would love to win the DJ Inkers gift card for all the games and charts and parent letters/notes i make for my class! it’s very hard to find cute free graphics online for everything i need and having these at my fingertips would be much easier! it is currently not in my budget to purchase anything like this and i’ve had my eye on them for quite awhile now! i love everything i’ve seen made from them!

  6. Jenny Dugan says:

    I LOVE D.J Inkers. I just started a preschool at a local YMCA. My funds are extremely low!! However, I have decorated with D.J inkers for my Before and After School Program AND my preschool. It sure has livened up my place!! Parents love the newsletters I send out to them with my cute little graphics on there. D.J inkers has really turned my ho hum center from a industrial looking workout spot to a cute cozy childcare center. I wish I had more money to buy more of these cute cuddle creatures!! I LOVE them!!
    Jenny Dugan

  7. Stephanie Paladino says:

    I am a preschool teacher and I just love DJ Inkers!

  8. DJ Inkers products and clipart have become a staple in my classroom. This year I chose bees for my theme, so as one can imagine my classroom is buzzing with this sweet theme! I am using the “BEE happy” clipart and several DJ Inkers fonts to create my welcome to my class letter, job chart, a Power Point presentation about the procedures for the “hive” and other things for parents and students to “bee”- aware of to insure we have a “honey” of a year. I can’t imagine a school year without DJ Inkers!

  9. Tara Skiles says:

    I have been using DJ inkers for years! A teacher I worked with several years ago introduced me and I can’t get enough! I love to use both the fonts and clip art on just about anything I do on the computer from writing little books to power points.

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