Luna Interactive Projection Camera

Do you have a document camera in your classroom? Would you like to have one? Then today is your lucky day!

projection camera by learning resources
Disclosure: Amazon links included below

The nice folks at Learning Resources sent me this Luna Interactive Projection Camera to share with you and they want to give one to you too! Keep reading to find out how to enter.

What does it do and how does it work?

Watch the video below to see exactly how it works!

I have used a document camera with great success in my pre-k classroom for 7 years. My document camera, along with the projector and interactive whiteboard, have revolutionized the way I teach and the way my students learn.

When used to enhance and not replace high-quality instruction, a document camera is an extremely helpful teaching tool for all classrooms, especially in preschool and kindergarten. No more listening to “I can’t see!” You can use the document camera for everything from literacy, math, science, classroom management and more, I couldn’t live without mine!

Features of the Luna Interactive Projection Camera

  • PC and Mac compatible
  • No batteries, connects to computer via usb port
  • No replacement bulb required
  • Takes still photos
  • Captures video and audio
  • Functions as a web cam
  • Does not require the room to be dark to project clearly {big plus!}
  • Flexible arm allows you to easily zoom in and out
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • More affordable than most other document cameras at about $175

document camera by learning resources

Buy the Luna Interactive Projection Camera here.

This contest is over.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Luna camera to review, I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are 100% my own.

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Vanessa is the creator of Pre-K Pages and author of the book A Fabulous First Year and Beyond: A Practical Guide for Pre-K and Kindergarten Teachers. She has more than two decades of teaching experience and enjoys helping kids and teachers through her professional development sessions. Follow Vanessa on Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Pinterest.


  1. I would use this during the consolodation section of a 3-part math lesson to showcase the work students have done, as well as, teach key concepts and ideas that may or may not have been missed.

  2. I would use this product to expand my Reggio inspired documentation for my three year old classroom. Children could make their own videos about their projects.

  3. We don’t have a lot of funds so don’t have a lot of large books. I love the idea of using this to project storytime books. It would also be amazing to project their work on the wall and let them capture it themselves. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  4. Laura Deutsch says:

    We currently do not use technology in our preschool classrooms and I would use this camera in every way possible! We would use it for science, math, art – you name it!

  5. Amelia Mello says:

    I would use it for every single subject. From language (projecting books to read aloud, sharing student’s work, using letters to build words) to Math (patterns, addition, games). The possibilities are endless!

  6. Kathleen Pecic says:

    What a great idea to help get the kids more involved in our class blog!

  7. Sheri Dodd says:

    I operated a preschool entirely from my home so everything I purchase is from my own pocket. A tool such as the Luna Interactive Projection Camera would be simply amazing to be able to use. I try to incorporate technology with my children using my laptop already. What a faboulous way to document what students have achieved, in particular things that cannot be glued into a portfolio. I am thinking this would be a wonderful tool to make digital portfolios to keep track of student work and for the children to take home at the end of the year. Or even better, a video portfolio! What child (and parent) wouldn’t love looking back at their child to see them progress over the year. There are so many ways this projector could be used!

  8. Oh my goodness! I need this tool for my preschool class. I would especially use it for Science observations (we are planting flower seeds for Mother’s Day gifts), as well as Math and Reading readiness. My class of 3 & 4 year olds is not reading yet so we do a lot with images, pictures… I will share this wonderful tool with my co-preschool teacher of the 4 & 5 year olds.

  9. I would use it in my preschool class to project the children’s work with manipulatives and block creations. THere are so many things that you could do with this projector. I would be anxious to learn how to use it and explore with my children! Thanks!

  10. Cheryl Gish says:

    Would love using this technology in my pre-k classroom.

  11. Beth Thouin says:

    I, like many people who have commented, am part of a program with low funding. We are part of a school district, but are fairly ‘new’ so we are building our environments. As the Pre K teacher I would use this to promote reading and writing as part of small grOup instruction, and as an interactive tool to promote language during large group. Plus any chance I can think of :-)

  12. Amanda B says:

    This would be so beneficial in the pre-k classroom! Like you said, it would eliminate the “I can’t see!” factor and also be great for students to use to make and showcase projects.

  13. The powers that be bought us all projectors for our classrooms but didn’t give us any other tools to use it – no laptops, no smartboards, no speakers or cameras! Makes it tough to use. Luckily I have my own laptop so I can at least show streaming vidoes but still….I would love to film the kids acting out stories, project manipulatives, use for science, possibilities are endless!

  14. kimberly says:

    Would love to share this with my group….can think of at least one other use!

  15. We could use that cool tool to study plants!

  16. We do not have technology in the classroom either so the possibilities are endless, but I would use it as a webcam to capture parts of our day so that parents could “see” what is happening in our room. It would be a great way to connect parents who work and never get to be in the classroom.

  17. This is such an amazing time ~ that is when we can show our children the small stuff in life. Using this in the science center can awaken their world to things they have never seen. What a way to expose them to their environment. How awesome it would be to look at their world and our classroom from A to Z ~ We could look at things such as Apple fun, Bubble fun, Celery in water, Cell Phones (insides), Crystal Creations, Dirt, Egg exploring, Flowers, Fruit, Grapes (inside and outside), Glitter Globe, Hands, Ice, Insects, Jewels, Kaleidoscopes, Keys, Ladybugs, Leaves, Mold Terrarium, Nests, Oil and water experiments, Plants, Pumpkin science, small Quilts, Recycled items, Seeds, Sponges and Seeds, Snow, Tree bark, Utensil exploration, Vegetables, Worm fun, Water Color Racing, Xerox pictures, Xylophones, Yarn, and Zippers. From A to Z the sky is the limit or should I say just the begining. :o) We would have a fantastic and funtastic time with a Luna Interactive Projection Camera.

  18. This would also be a great way to be able to share with the parents things that their child is doing in school. I can think of soooo many ways that I could use this.

  19. I can think of a better way of including technology in a classroom then with this camera. We can show work on manipulative and have the children follow as you do it. Save information or art work of student and posted on their digital portfolios. Thanks!

  20. We are just starting up our Early Childhood program at a school that has Pre k 3- through High school. I have been an Early Childhood Educator for over 16 years. It is sometimes hard to convey to the Board of Directors just what a 4 year old class is able to do given the proper materials to work with. I would use this in every area of my classroom and would love to show the Directors how technology can help the “little ones” learn too!

  21. I would use this in my classroom when teaching students and show items from my book when these same pictures and things don’t appear in the book. I would also take pictures of the notes we take and upload them to the school website for my class. I’m also looking to see about buying these for more teachers at our school! :)

  22. Thank you for the wonderful raffle to win a document camera. Very generous and thoughtful of you.
    Our school does not have a lot of funds and I would use the camera as a “big book” for the children to see and read. I would also use it for patterning and art demonstrations. Thank you again for the opportunity to win. Becca

  23. Cristi Williams says:

    I would love to see this as a child managed station for our exploration of temporary art. We provide a heavy piece of black paper as a canvas and a variety of ‘beautiful’ items with various textures, colors, sizes (i.e. river stones, gems, sticks, sequins, torn paper, etc.) and the children work independantly to create a picture. Once complete, the teacher is called over to photograph it and write the child’s title and description before the student disassembles it so the items can be used again. Wouldn’t it be great if the child could take the photo or several photos as they complete their art, adding another stage of ownership to the finished printed photo for our gallery. Just one idea of many… Thank you for this opportunity!

  24. Bobbi Capwell says:

    This would wonderful to have to use with Language and Reading. To use with math manipulatives and science time. I think it would be great to use it with absolutely everything from reading books to writing to math and science.
    Wow, do I want one?

  25. Mimi Leach says:

    There are so many possibilities for this amazing camera! It would be so helpful in my classroom documentation – DRDP’s – as well as interactive child learning. Thank you for offering this opportunity.

  26. Cheryn Eakins says:

    I work at a school that serves a low income community. Many of our children aren’t exposed to many things and their vocabulary proves it. I would use this projector to introduce real-life examples of things to them. Of course, I would also use it for all other subjects. This would be such an asset to the classroom!

  27. Jen Koclanis says:

    I would use this document camera to help view a story on a large screen for our popcorn and PJ night at school. We have storytellers come in and it would be helpful to display the book pages on the big screen.

  28. I could think of so many uses for this. I would use it to project lessons on the wall so that everyone could see what we are working on.

  29. Looks like a great product. I would love to have one in my kindergarten class!

  30. Using this technology with the students in my special ed preschool classroom could be life changing for them! What an exciting opportunity!

  31. Kim Puntney says:

    I would love to use this in my preschool classroom. It would allow my children to become illustrators and share their book easily. I work in an area where poverty is high and the children are exposed very little to technology. This would allow them to expand their knowledge and become more confident in their abilities.

  32. I would give it to my hubby who teaches Chemistry. I have 1 in my classroom and love it. It would be great for his working problems and help me as well. He comes home covered in chalkdust every day!

  33. Amy Lauterbach says:

    My school is a little behind in technology. This would be a MAJOR addition to my classroom, which right now only has an overhead projector and CHALKBOARD!!!!!!! So need an update!

  34. Lisa Glos says:

    I am transferring to a school with a much lower SES and the camera will allow me to share materials that are new to my students.

  35. It would be fun and interactive to see the kids draw on paper and see it projected on the wall.

  36. Michelle Crafton says:

    I would use it in EVERY aspect of my classroom! There are so many possibilities!! I love how it can be used in so many areas in the classroom. My favorite area to use it would be letting the children explore science related objects!!

  37. Since we don’t have a Smartboard in our class, this would be a great way to be able to share interactive sites with my children!

  38. Would love to have a document camera to use in my Kindergarten classroom!

  39. I think this would be a great addition to our preschool. The possibilities are many — children could examine bugs or plants or we could easily share a story together, just to name two activities. We could also use it to document student learning.

  40. I would love to model writing using the Luna. I also could see demonstrating math games and sharing picture books with my students. Looks like an amazing tool!

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