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Printable Reading Calendars

Using calendars and charts to record time spent reading at home is a common practice in many preschool and kindergarten classrooms. However, the responsibility usually falls on the parent to sign them, which can be a problem. By involving the child in the process you can solve the “My mom forgot to sign my calendar!” problem. The Reading Log Packet makes this process more “kid friendly” by inviting the child to participate; when children are involved it becomes more meaningful to them.

The 14 page Reading Log Packet offers one recording sheet for each month of the school year, August-June. The reading logs feature different thematic pictures each month that will appeal to young children. The child colors or marks one picture each school night and returns the sheet to school each day or at the beginning of each month- you decide.

With the Reading Log Packet the parent and child share responsibility each night, the parent to read to the child and the child to color or mark one picture with parent supervision. Using a reading log to track time spent reading is one way teachers can help their students establish good habits and prepare them for the homework they will likely receive in later grades.

The 14 page Reading Log Packet in PDF format contains:

  • 11 reading logs, one for each month of the school year August-June
  • Letter to parents about the importance of reading and how to use the reading logs
  • Instructions for the teacher

12 reading logs for the entire school year! Also includes a letter to parents and instructions for the teacher.

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