Behavior Reports

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Welcome to Thoughtful Thursday at Pre-K Pages. Today I’m going to share my thoughts with you regarding daily behavior charts.

behavior report

Some teachers have daily behavior reports for every student, others use them just for certain students. I generally believe in working smarter and not harder so I only use daily behavior reports when a parent requests one for a child who has severe behavior issues or when a child has a BIP (Behavior Intervention Plan) in place which is part of a special education IEP (Individual Education Plan) and therefore required by law.

One thing that bothers me about individual behavior charts is that the burden falls on the teacher to fill them out and the student isn’t involved in the process at all. If my goal is to change problem behaviors how is having the teacher fill out a daily form going to help? That is why I decided to have the students who needed the daily behavior charts fill them out themselves, this makes it more meaningful and holds the child accountable, thus bringing about the sought after changes more quickly.

Behavior charts work best if they are made specifically for each child. As soon as the problem behavior occurs I have the child get his chart that is kept in his BEAR book and color in the corresponding face next to the box using a crayon or highlighter. It’s important to have the child get his own BEAR book out and color in the face to take ownership of the behavior. I keep the crayon or highlighter in the front pocket of the BEAR book so the child doesn’t have to get up and search for something to write with, everything he or she needs is kept inside so it’s quick and easy. It’s also helpful if you have a picture icon next to each behavior listed on the chart to add meaning.

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