We Had a Beary Good Year

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate the end of the year in your preschool or kindergarten classroom then look no further, this is a great alternative to a graduation party or diploma.

I also created a free printable treat bag topper for you, keep reading to get your copy!

End of the Year Treat Topper and Photo Prop

End of the Year Photo Prop

I purchased this adorable cardboard teddy bear photo prop at the local party supply store for $5. The students took turns putting their faces in the cutout in the middle while I took their pictures, they thought it was hilarious to watch their friends have their pictures taken.

The photo prop is similar to a science display board with two folding wings on the side to help it stand up.

Next, I optimized the photos, inserted them in a Word document, and added text that reads “I had a beary good time in Pre-K!” You can change your text to reflect the grade level you teach.

End of the Year Treat Bag Topper

End of the Year Teddy Graham Treat Bag Topper

While the photo was cute it really wasn’t for the kids, it was more for the parents and I was looking for something to give to my students on the last day of school.

At first I thought of using gummy bears but I didn’t like the idea of giving the kids candy. Then it hit me, Teddy Grahams are a universal favorite in preschool and kindergarten!

I stuffed snack size zip top bags with Teddy Grahams and created this cute treat bag topper. I printed the toppers on cardstock and stapled them to tops of the bags.

The toppers probably could have been more rectangular but they still turned out very cute.

Free Printable “Beary” Good Year Treat Bag Toppers

Due to the number of requests I received, I created a free printable for you. I sized it to fit all the way across the top of regular size zip top sandwich bags. I also included a topper for Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten- just choose the one for your grade level.

Click on the picture below to download your free printable end of the year treat bag toppers.
Free Printable Teddy Graham Treat Bag Toppers

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  1. I love this idea, especially since I do a Teddy Bear Picnic at the beginning of the year. This would be a great way to tie Teddy Bears into our final party. We could have our end of the year Teddy bear Picnic but perhaps Thanks!

  2. V. Levin says:

    Great idea Carol! Thanks for sharing and have a “beary” good summer :)

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