What is a Linky Party?

Today I’m answering the following questions about linky parties:

  • What is a linky party?
  • Why should I join?
  • How do I join?

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We’re having a book study blog party for the book Literacy Beginnings but it occurred to me that perhaps some of you would like a little further explanation about linky parties. I am not a linky expert but I have picked up the basics along the way out of necessity. If we have any linky experts in our midst please feel free to share your tips!

What is a linky party?
A linky party is when the author of a blog (the host) invites the blog readers to link up their blog posts on the same topic. This is often done when a blogger posts an idea for a topic like Father’s Day crafts, DIY projects, recycled projects etc. For example, a blogger might post a great Father’s Day craft and then invite the readers to link up their posts on the same topic. Here’s a good example of a linky party from Childhood 101.

Why should I join a linky party?

  • As a blogger, when you link up your post to the original you are widening your audience and increasing the chances of your content being read.
  • As a reader, linky parties are a great way to find additional information on the same topic.

How do I join a linky party?

  1. Publish your blog post on the linky party topic
  2. If the author has a “grab button” for the linky party copy the code and insert it into your blog post on the topic. The button will let your readers know that you are participating in a linky party and direct them to the other entries.
  3. Go to the author’s post inviting you to link up
  4. Click on the linky button
  5. Fill out the required information
  6. You must include the direct link to your post, not your general URL. For example, if your blog URL is www.mrsnonamesclass.blogspot.com you should not use that URL to join the linky party. Instead, you would use the direct URL to your post on the topic, such as www.mrsnonamesclass.blogspot.com/literacy-beginnings-chapter1.html

I don’t have a blog, how do I participate in the linky party?
Participants who don’t have blogs are welcome to join in the discussions by leaving comments on the blog posts of the bloggers who are participating.

I have a blog or website about early childhood education but I didn’t post anything on the linky party topic, can I still link up?
Posts that are not linked up properly will be deleted so readers don’t become confused or frustrated looking for the content.

Here are Chapters 1 and Chapter 2 of the Literacy Beginnings linky party.

I hope I was able to answer your linky party questions. I invite you to link up to the Literacy Beginnings book study blog party and leave comments as we go!

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  1. Christie-Childhood 101 says:

    Thank you for including a link to We Play at Childhood 101 in your great overview of linky parties :)

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