[FREE TRAINING] The Secret Art of Parent Communication

...for teachers who want to squeeze every last drop out of your year
by getting parents to do the hard work for you

Presented by Vanessa Levin from Pre-K Pages


  • The magic 4-inch piece of paper that will win over every parent - even the one who wanted their kid transferred out of your class.
  • Get even the neediest parents off your case and on your team with this simple 5-minute solution (Hint: you won’t even have to put on your makeup)
  • Every parent will thank you when they know exactly what to expect (and what to do!) when you host this kind of event - and the good news is, it’s almost impossible to mess up!
  • A word-for-word script you can follow to turn mourning parents into hopeful heroes as they push their baby out of the nest and into your classroom.

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What you do in the first two weeks of school can make or break your entire year.
...but good news: when those first weeks are finished?

You'll already have the parents on your side.