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Welcome to Technology Tuesday! Today I’m going to share a technology tool with you that is relatively new to me, very handy, and you don’t need a computer to use it. I know, you’re probably shocked and curious at the same time!

laser level

If I lived in a perfect world there would be bulletin boards wherever I want them, unfortunately, they never seem to be in the right spot in my classroom. I always want a bulletin board where there isn’t one and wish the ones I do have would disappear. One day I decided to slap some paper and cute border on the wall and make my own bulletin board. Alas, it wasn’t as easy as it seemed because I am spatially challenged. My borders were crooked, my letters sloped, and if you looked at it long enough you started to get a headache from the strange angle. I lived in frustration and defeat until one day last August when I entered the classroom of a colleague and she was in the midst of putting up her own bulletin board on a blank wall. I noticed how crisp and straight her faux board was so I asked her what her secret was. It was then that I was introduced to the magical device that changed my life forever… a laser level that attaches to the wall!
laser demo
In the picture at the very top of this post you can see the faux bulletin board I created on a blank wall using my laser level. To use your level, just attach it to the wall, make sure it’s level and turn on the laser; now you’re ready to create picture perfect faux bulletin boards anywhere! There are many different brands of laser levels to choose from, just visit your local home improvement store and pick one up for around $20. Because they’re a little pricey I suggest chipping in as a grade level and purchasing one for the entire team to share or better yet, ask your principal to buy a few to keep in the supply closet.

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Photo Credit: Ryobi and Laser Ball

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