Cute Band Aid Storage Box

When I’m absent I encourage my substitute teacher to leave me a note about how my students did while I was gone.

Twice I returned to find this cryptic message “Couldn’t find the Band-Aids”. Hmmm… I have a touch of OCD am very organized so this leads me to believe every time I’m gone that the kids are either:

a) trying to kill each other or

b) trying to kill the sub

It also tells me that I better leave some Band-Aids on my desk the next time I’m gone!

DIY Band Aid Storage Box

Band Aid Storage Box

I debated over leaving an entire box of Band-Aids for subs or just a few but decided on a box because it is 3-D and less likely to be buried accidentally covered up with papers.

The next obstacle to tackle was to make sure the kids would not see the box of bandages and start faking injuries to get one.

Every teacher knows that Band-Aids are to little kids like nectar is to bees.

Then I stumbled across this little gem over at Controlling My Chaos and my unsightly Band-Aid box problem was solved!

Of course, I had to make some modifications to this idea to match my garden themed classroom.

Easy Decorative Band Aid Storage Box

Band Aid Storage Box Supplies

My bandage storage box is not nearly as fancy as the one at Controlling My Chaos but here are the details in case you want to make your own:


  • Mini lunch box (I found mine at the Target Dollar Spot)
  • Scrapbook paper to match your theme
  • Computer printer
  • Glue stick or double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Coordinating ribbon

How to Make a Band Aid Storage Box

First, I measured the front of the lunch box and cut the scrapbook paper to size. Next, I printed the words on my computer and cut them out with scalloped scissors.

Then, I glued the paper to the lunch box with double sided tape. I could have used Mod Podge to adhere the paper to the lunch box but chose not to.

Finally I topped off the lunch box by tying a coordinating scrap of ribbon to the handle.

I could probably fit one of those little tubes of antibiotic cream in the box too.

Check out my Classroom Storage board on Pinterest for more great ideas!

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  1. Do you know the name of the font you used on your computer for the label “Band-Aid”? I like that!

  2. The font is called DJ Just Write by

  3. Karen @ PreKinders says:

    Cute, cute, cute! Yes, my kids are going through the band-aids like crazy!

    • Yes, Band-Aids are hot with the preschool crowd. One year I made the mistake of getting cute character band-aids and they were constantly getting hurt- on purpose so they could wear the stinking band-aids :)

  4. If you know that the kids are not “really” injured but they just want a band-aid because they are cute, a cute sticker works just as well. My kids like those cute band-aids too, but when I ask them where the boo-boo is they can’t remeber or there is no sign of blood. So I allow them to pick out a sticker for their injury. Works like a charm and saves the character band-aids for real injuries, without injuring their self-esteem.

    • Thanks for sharing Rhonda, great idea! I have a small tube of unscented hand cream that I wrap with a band-aid. When they don’t really have an injury I ask them if they want some “ouchie cream” instead- work every time!

  5. I thought I was being clever when I did this last month! I found an old medium (4×6) metal kit decorated like the old “Operation” game at Goodwill! Put my band-aids and neosporin in there, and a small pack of Wet Ones.

    • That sounds absolutely adorable Lesli! Can you post a picture somewhere? I would love to see it!

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