DIY Dry Erase Pockets

Ever since my first colored duct tape project where I made a Ziploc quilt math game I’ve become fascinated with the stuff.

The possibilities for using duct tape in the classroom are endless and those Michael’s coupons just keep coming so what’s a girl to do?

I’ve mentioned my lack of talent in the crafting department before but I do love to save money and re-purpose things and this project fits the bill nicely.

Easy DIY Dry Erase Pockets
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DIY Dry Erase Pockets

This simple dry erase pocket was made using laminate film remnants and duct tape. Of course, I could use simple page protectors but they drive me nuts because they are so flimsy and don’t hold up very well.

Designer Duct Tape

Check out all these great duct tape designs!

DIY Dry Erase Pocket Directions

To create a sturdier page pocket I started with some leftover, thick laminating film and cut it into two sheets, each 9 x 12.

Next, I placed the laminate sheets on top of each other. Then, I cut strips of colored duct tape and used them to attach the two pieces of film together on three sides.

I left the top open so a piece of paper can be slipped inside. I could have also put duct tape on the top of each sheet of film so there would be equal borders.

These DIY dry erase pockets are similar to those sold in commercial teacher stores but can be made for only a fraction of the cost.

I use recording sheets and lots of games which can be easily slipped into these pockets to save on laminating costs. The pockets can be written on with Vis-a-Vis or dry erase markers and erased.

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  1. these are colorful but when i prep games, etc for dry erase fun i just slip items into plastic page protectors. easy change out and inexpensive. though i may have to pretty them up with colored duct tape.

  2. Hi Lori, thanks for stopping by! I have used page protectors before but the problem I have with them is they are too “floppy” and the kids end up crumpling them quickly. I should have been more clear about that in the post. The laminate film I used to make the pockets was the thick type so these pockets are very sturdy and the papers don’t get rumpled.

  3. Ayn Colsh says:

    Oh, how I miss the big laminators we had when I taught in a big school system! That thick laminate is GREAT for dry erase! Great upcycle idea, Vanessa! :)

    • Most of the public schools I have worked in use the thinnest, cheapest laminate because the PTA has to pay for it- the school won’t. I take my things to the teacher store to be laminated or if it’s small enough I use my Scotch personal laminator {luv!}

  4. I love these too. A few years ago when I first saw the commercials I wanted them soooo bad. I bought a few but they were outrageous!! What a creative idea!!

    I’m sharing!!

    • Thanks for stopping by Jeannie, glad you like the idea for DIY dry erase pockets. I’m all about saving $ :)

  5. Karen @ PreKinders says:

    What a great idea & much cheaper than the fancy expensive ones in educational supply catalogs. {And so green, too — making use of laminate film that is usually tossed out!}

    • Thanks Karen, glad you like it! I actually didn’t even think about this being a recycle/upcycle project until everybody else mentioned it. I was just trying to save $$ so the recycling aspect is a bonus :)

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