Dramatic Play Bakery Printable

I love to pin pictures of felt food on Pinterest, but the reality is I have very little time and even less talent to actually make it myself. I was delighted when I discovered felt cake slices and cupcakes in the Target Dollar Spot recently, they are perfect additions to my dramatic play bakery!

dramatic play bakery

dramatic play felt cupcakes

Free Printable Mini-Bakery Signs

I also discovered these decorative binder clips in the Dollar Spot. I have seen them used in real food displays before so I decided to try it out myself, how cute! I made a set of printable mini-bakery signs for you too, just scroll down and click on the picture of the signs to get your very own copy.

dramatic play bakery food

Dramatic Play Bakery

All of these items fit perfectly with my new dramatic play Bakery Kit. The kitchen stove and sink set pictured above is from Guidecraft, isn’t it adorable?

dramatic play felt cake

Dollar Store Finds for Dramatic Play Bakery

Dramatic play center purchases from the Target Dollar Spot:

  • Felt cupcakes $2 {2 per package}
  • Felt cake slices $2 {2 per package}
  • Plastic cookies $2 {4 per package}
  • Bakery theme plates $1 {2 per package}
  • Felt basket $1
  • Binder clips $1 {4 per package} or you can make your own

Total: $9

The blue pot holder and oven mitt in the background are also from the Dollar Spot but they are a few years old so I’m not counting them.

Click on the picture below to download your free mini-bakery signs.

bakery mini signs

If you have health concerns regarding a dramatic play bakery theme please read the disclaimer.

Graphics in the mini-bakery sign licensed from Scrappin Doodles.
pre-k pages scrappin doodles license

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  1. Heidi Butkus says:

    Very cute stuff, Vanessa! It makes me wish I were teaching preschool!!!!
    Heidi Butkus

  2. Christine says:

    This is so cute! I’m going to set this up for my daughter at home.

  3. I am going to have to put together a bakery kit for my class! This is awesome;)

    • I’m sure they will love it Deb! I like the felt food because it seems like they don’t try and “eat” it as often as they do the plastic food. Unfortunately felt food isn’t as durable as plastic so if you have a lot of kids playing with it each day the “shelf-life” isn’t as long and you can’t just run it through the dishwasher to get the germies off :)

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