Easy DIY Magnetic Sign

Easy DIY Magnetic Sign

I’ll admit, I’m not the most crafty person on the planet, but this magnetic sign was so easy anybody could do it! Plus it’s so stinkin’ cute who wouldn’t want to?

I created the one pictured here as a sign for my bakery dramatic play center. Here’s how you can make a magnetic sign for your own classroom.

diy magnetic classroom sign
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  • Spray paint
  • Magnetic cookie sheet {Dollar Tree}
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun

How to Make an Inexpensive Magnetic Sign

Start by finding a coupon to your favorite craft store to buy your spray paint because that is the most expensive item on the list. Michael’s now has an app so you never have to search for your coupons again; they just show up automatically on your phone- yea!

Next, spray your cookie sheet. It’s best to spray outside if possible but if not make sure the area is well ventilated and dry. Your cookie sheet will probably need a few coats so allow it to dry overnight.

When the cookie sheet is dry use your hot glue gun to attach some ribbon to the back and you’re done! Tie the ribbon in a bow and hang on the wall using a push pin or a 3M hook. I told you it was easy peasy!

In the picture above I attached magnetic tape to the back of the cards so they would attract to the cookie sheet.

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  1. I have a ton of these cookie sheets and it has never occurred to me to paint them!! Silly me! Looks like I am dragging out the paint this weekend!!

    • Good luck Deb! If you do it outside spread some newspaper on the ground, my yard now has polka dots :)

  2. I am totally making that little sign out of a cookie sheet-so cute! I love your ideas-I found those same little cakes in the dollar spot at Target.

    • Glad you like the sign Meredith :) Now the hard part is picking a color and finding the matching ribbon, that took longer than actually making the sign!

  3. mybabysleepguide says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Left you a review too! And bookmarked your page for further use!! I sure need some help with schooling!


  4. This is a great idea, and inexpensive too. The best part is that it is also portable!

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