Math Printables

Free math printables for your pre-k, preschool, or kindergarten classroom.

  • Counting
  • Patterning
  • 1:1 Grids
  • Roll ‘N Stamp Games
  • Clothespin Counting Games
  • Number Books

Instructions on how to use each of these printables can be found on the themes pages.


counting grid


pattern strip

1:1 Grids
bear one to one
bee one to one
tooth one to one
dino 1 to 1
feed bunny
fire one to one
fish one to one
flower one to one
transportation one to one
snowman one to one
monkey one to one

Roll ‘N Stamp Games
bear roll stamp
reindeer roll stamp

texas roll stamp
tooth roll stamp
dino roll n stamp
egg roll stamp
barn roll stamp

roll stamp
beach roll stamp
flower roll stamp
truck roll stamp
zoo roll stamp

Clothespin Counting Games

Holiday Clothespin Counting
counting mats

Number Books

Positional Word Books

Leaf Positional Book
leaf positional book
Cow Positional Word Book
cow book
Turkey Positional Book
turkey book

More Printables from Pre-K Pages

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