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Let’s be honest.

This whole teaching thing is a lot harder than you ever thought it would be.

You started out with big dreams! You were filled with excitement about the possibilities of “touching the future” and changing little lives– You sang along with Whitney because you know “children are the future” and you believed you would be the one to “teach them well and let them lead the way.” And all that jazz.

But then the reality set in. When you’re in the trenches of teaching, it’s so easy to lose sight of the joy you thought you were going to be a part of. Every day in the classroom is not always rainbows and cute puppies.

Teaching is hard work- sometimes it can become impossible work.

Juggling a career, family, finances (don’t get me started on the low pay!), and battling the never ending paperwork and bureaucracy, you can easily lose sight of the joy you thought would be part of it.

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking:

“I never thought being a teacher would be this hard.”

“I feel like everyone else is a better teacher than me.”

“I thought that life as a teacher would be so fulfilling, but all the meetings, paperwork, and “other stuff” make me feel like I’m drowning.”

…then you’re in the right place.

I don’t know how you arrived here, but if you’re like most of my other readers, you’re looking for some inspiration – to help save you time and teach well, but also make your impossible life just a little bit easier.

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I believe that all teachers deserve to have a life outside the classroom. period.

I believe that no teacher is an island. We can’t do our jobs well unless we help each other.

I believe that all children deserve to have a teacher who loves teaching and feels motivated and inspired to do the job well.

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ABOUT VANESSA LEVIN Vanessa J Levin of Pre-K Pages

I’ve made a career out of teaching, both as a classroom teacher and as an educational consultant. My job has given me amazing opportunities, like presenting to teachers at NAEYC, the I Teach K! conference, and the Frog Street Splash educational conference (see my workshop schedule for upcoming events).

If you’re ready to start saving time and living well, I invite you to take a peek in my store where you’ll find oodles of awesome time-saving resources. And if you’re new to teaching Pre-K or Kindergarten, you can check out my book here!

So thank YOU! Thanks for being here and giving me a place to help teachers learn how to teach well and save time, and find the extraordinary in their classrooms.

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+Vanessa Levin

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