Name Tag Solutions

Like many teachers, I use name tags in the beginning of the year to learn my student’s names.

Since most of my students are non-English speaking they may not understand simple questions such as “what is your name?” – making name tags even more important.

Back to School Nametag Solution

Easy Beginning of the Year Nametags

Nametags never seem to last very long, especially at the beginning of the year. I have searched in vain for years trying to find name tags that will last for more than a day or two.

One quick and easy solution to making nametags that last is to use inexpensive plastic folders. You can find the folders in the color of your choice at back-to-school sales.

How to Make Nametags

First, cut the folders to size and then write the names in large print in the center of each tag using a permanent marker.

In the picture at the top, the names were written on sticky badges and stuck to the plastic tag but you can write directly on the plastic too.

It’s also a good idea to include the room number in one corner in case the child gets lost and the bus number in another if the child rides the bus.

To attach the name tags you can punch a hole or two in the top of each one and insert badge clips or safety pins.

Keep the name tags all year and use them for field trips or leave them for your substitute teacher when you are absent.

Do your students chew on their name tags? The solution may be easier than you think. Did you know chewing helps release pent up energy?

There is a connection to chewing and not moving enough. If your students are chewing on their name tags that means they need to get moving. Singing and moving with songs and fingerplays daily will save your name tags and your sanity!

About Vanessa Levin

Vanessa is the creator of Pre-K Pages and author of the book A Fabulous First Year and Beyond: A Practical Guide for Pre-K and Kindergarten Teachers. She has more than two decades of teaching experience and enjoys helping kids and teachers through her professional development sessions. Follow Vanessa on Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Pinterest.


  1. Heidi Butkus says:

    Great idea, Vanessa!!!!! I had never thought about using plastic folders!
    Heidi Butkus

  2. Love this!! I struggle with this same prob every year…I NEVER thought of using the plastic folders! You are a genius!!!
    Thank you!!!

    • Glad to know I’m not alone in my struggles Keri! Let me know how it goes. Finding the right type of folders can be tricky, too thin and they won’t last, too thick and they’re difficult to cut and hole punch. And if you have access to a die-cut machine and nobody is around you can run them through the die-cut too :)

  3. Kathy Patterson says:

    I round off the corners on the name tags I make using plastic folders. They can be sharp and scratchy if left alone. I also pin the tags on the back of my pre-schooler’s shirts so that they aren’t tempted to play with them. When they are playing or working at centers it’s easy to tell who is who.

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