Ziploc Quilt Math Game

Hold on to your hats because this game is 8 kinds of fun!

The idea featured here is for math, but you could easily use this Ziploc or bag game board for teaching the alphabet or anything really.

In addition to being oodles of fun, the bag game board was very inexpensive to make so it was a win-win.

Bag Game Board for Preschool and Kindergarten
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Bag Game Supplies

I was inspired by Scott from Brick by Brick to create my own game board. Scott’s idea reminded me of the Ziploc quilts from way back when so I decided to combine the two ideas and create this little beauty!

Here’s how you can make your own game and board.

Supplies for Making the Game Board

  • Re-sealable Sandwich Bags {dollar store- logo free}
  • Duct Tape
  • Masking or Packing Tape
  • Scissors
  • Dot stickers or Do-A-Dot markers
  • Index cards or cardstock

DIY Game for Learning the Alphabet: Swat the Bugs!

There are so many types of duct tape to choose from!

How to Assemble the Ziploc Quilt

I’m more of a visual learner so I just laid out all my materials and “eye-balled” it. Sometimes I think the step-by-step directions hold us back because everybody does it a little differently, let’s just say there are no hard-fast rules.

First, lay out the bags on the floor evenly with about a 1 inch gap between each bag.

DIY Bag Quilt for Games in Preschool and Kindergarten

Then, tape two rows together with duct tape and when they are complete move on to the next two rows. You only use duct tape on one side of the quilt, which is the front. The other side will function as the back of the quilt where you can insert and remove your cards.

DIY Bag Quilt Board Game for Preschool and Kindergarten

When you have the number of bags you want taped together, create the border around the outside making sure to leave space for the bags to open. Finally, turn the quilt over with the back side facing up and place masking or packing tape over the gaps between each bag.

Bag Quilt for Learning and Fun Games in Preschool

How to Play Games with the Ziploc Quilt

You will need a fly swatter and some index cards or cardstock cut to size.

Make dots on your cards and insert them into your game board. I used a Do-A-Dot marker to make the dots but you could also use dot stickers.

Write numerals on index cards and place them in a pile next to the game board.

Each player takes a turn selecting a card and then uses the fly swatter to swat the corresponding number.

What kid doesn’t love hitting things with a fly swatter?

The possibilities are endless with this game board, the fun has only begun!

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  1. I love this activity. I’m gonna have to make one right now. Thanks.

  2. wow…what a cute idea…i’ve already thought of a couple of other ways to use this! thanks for sharing!

  3. I love this idea! I’m finding that the homemade games are the best for my preschooler. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Marin Muncaster says:

    Love it!

  5. I’m confused… how are the openings not taped closed?
    Love the use of the fly swatter!

    • Hi Suz, You only put the duct tape on one side (the front) and not the back so you will be able to open the bags in the back and slip things inside. By spacing the bags about 1 inch apart you leave room on the back side for the masking tape to cover the sticky side of the duct tape. Hope that makes sense!

  6. I love your quilt! It looks like so much fun.

  7. Debbie Henry says:

    Awesome ….. I can’t wait to make one!!!

  8. Heidi Butkus says:

    Love it!!!! So cute- thanks for the great idea!
    Heidi Butkus

  9. What an ingeniuos and inexpensive idea! I love the math application you suggest, but you are right…the possibilities are endless!!

  10. Country Fun says:

    Made a version of this clever idea (my kids and parents agreeon the clever part) and used today for some shape review. I’ll be using often with my active, young group. Lucked out and got some really cute swatters at Target this weekend – they are feet shaped. I’ll be posting about( and linking back here this week. Thanks for sharing this.

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