Simple Chef Hats for Dramatic Play

Using dress-up clothes in the dramatic play center is not only fun but offers opportunities for students to develop self-help skills.

Unfortunately there is one dress-up item that poses a problem in the classroom- hats! School nurses everywhere frown on hats because they can harbor lice- I’m starting to itch just thinking about it!

chef's hat for dramatic play

DIY Chef Hat for Pretend Play

Since we can’t always have hats in the classroom here are some super easy directions for making your students or children their own chef’s hats for your dramatic play bakery center or community helper unit.

chef's hat supplies

Chef Hat Supplies

  • Sentence strip
  • Stapler
  • White tissue paper

How to Make a Chef Hat for Dramatic Play

First, use the sentence strip to measure the child’s head and then staple it in a circle to create a headband.

Next, gently push one piece of white tissue paper through the headband and staple the tissue paper around the bottom of the sentence strip to hold it in place.

Be sure to staple from the inside out so the staples don’t catch on the children’s hair.

You can also write “Chef So-and-So” on the front of the hats. See, I told you it was super easy!

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