Student Assessment

What is assessment?
Assessment in preschool and kindergarten is a critical component of the teaching process, it’s not something that should be done just because we “have to.”  Research has shown that assessment drives instruction.  Teachers should assess what their students know so they will better understand what they need to teach.  Assessing our students will keep us from teaching concepts that have already been mastered- thus wasting valuable time.  Assessing students allows the teacher to teach critical skills that must be mastered now in order for students to be successful in the next grade.

pre-k kindergarten assessment packet

Planning for, preparing, and assessing students can be overwhelming and stressful. Teachers often have many questions about assessments such as:

  • What skills should I be assessing?
  • How do you organize assessments?
  • Where can I find teacher-tested, teacher-created assessments?
  • What should I do with the information I have collected?

Based on my many years of experience in the classroom and the questions above I have created an 18 page packet of assessment tools that will help you not only assess your students but organize your data. The Student Assessment Packet will help you:

  • Save time by providing you with the tools necessary to assess your students
  • Identify trends in your data or gaps in student learning that will help you determine what skills to focus on
  • Organize your assessments so you can fill out your report cards quickly

The 18 page Student Assessment Packet includes:

  • Uppercase Letter Assessment Mat and Recording Sheet
  • Lowercase Letter Assessment Mat and Recording Sheet
  • Number Assessment Mat and Recording Sheet (numbers 0-20)
  • Shape and Color Assessment Mats and Recording Sheet
  • Math Assessment Recording Sheet (sorting, rote counting to 100, counting by 10’s, patterning, one-to-one correspondence, subitizing, positional words & more)
  • Concepts of Print Assessment Recording Sheet (left-to-right directionality, one-to-one correspondence and more)
  • Oral Language and Listening Assessment Recording Sheet
  • Cover Page to place in the front of your assessment binder

Download the 18 page Student Assessment Packet: $8
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Pre-K Progress Report: $3
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Pre-K Report Card: $3
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