Dr. Jean Fans

Dr. Jean Arlington

Who is Dr. Jean? Dr. Jean holds a Ph.D. from Georgia State University and is a nationally known early childhood presenter, author, recording artist, and teacher.

What can I expect from her presentations and workshops? You do not want to miss the opportunity to see Dr. Jean in person. She has an energetic and enthusiastic presence on stage that captivates the audience and has them on their feet singing and dancing from the very first minute. Seeing Dr. Jean live has a rejuvenating affect on teachers everywhere. When the day is over your head will be spinning from all the ideas you will be itching to implement in your classroom tomorrow!

What can I expect from her music CD’s? Incorporating Dr. Jean’s music into my classroom was the best thing I have ever done in my teaching career to date. Her songs are easy to sing, (for both students and teachers), educational, and most importantly; fun. I can’t pick just one favorite Dr. Jean CD because I use them all!

What about her books?

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