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Preschool and Pre-K theme activities for fall. Literacy, math, printables, book lists and more!

Fall Theme Activities for Preschool

Fall Books

Fall Literacy Activities

Clothespin Pumpkin Alphabet Matching Mat {FREE}
Free Printable Pumpkin Alphabet Matching Mat via www.pre-kpages.com
Students will place clothespins with matching letters around the edges of this pumpkin alphabet mat. This freebie is available in the printables section at the bottom of this page.

Letter Matching Trees
letter trees
Setting: Small Group, ABC/Literacy Centers
Objective: Letter Recognition
Materials: brown construction paper, scissors, Sharpie marker, foam leaves (Oriental Trading), basket, laminator if you have access to one.
Directions: Laminate several sheets of brown construction paper first. Cut several trees out of the brown construction paper, write one letter on the trunk of each tree with the Sharpie. Write letters on the fall leaves with a Sharpie. Place the leaves in a basket and have students match the leaves to the correct trees.

Leaf Letter Fishing
leaf fishing
Setting: Small Group, Literacy Centers
Objective: Alphabet Recognition
Materials: leaf cut-outs, ABC stickers OR Sharpie marker, paper clips, recording sheet, Do-A-Dot markers- one per child, fishing poles
Directions: Laminate your leaf cut-outs and write one letter on each leaf using the Sharpie marker or place one letter sticker on each leaf. Place paper clips on each leaf and put leaves in a tub or container of some sort in the middle of the table. Students use their fishing poles to “catch” the leaves and stamp the matching letters on the recording sheet with their Do-A-Dot markers. The recording sheet has a large leaf outline on it with all the letters of the alphabet written inside. Students use Do-A-Dot markers to mark the letters they have caught.
Fishing poles: 12 inch dowels, string, hot glue gun, round magnets
Tie the string to the end of the dowel and use the hot glue gun to secure it to the dowel. Next, hot glue the round magnet to the end of the string.

Fall Math Activities

Apple Play Dough Counting Mats {FREE}
Free Apple Play Dough Counting Mats via www.pre-kpages.com
Give one mat to each student in the small group. Provide students with red, yellow, or green play dough. Students will select a number card and place it on their mat in the space indicated. Then, they will make the corresponding number of apples and place them on the tree. When students are finished they clear their mat and choose another number card. This free printable activity can be downloaded in the printables section below.

Counting Apples
fall counting apples
Setting: Small Group, Math Centers
Objective: 1:1 correspondence, number sense, number recognition
Materials: red pom-pons, red sticky dots, construction paper, Sharpie, laminating film, basket, strawberry hullers (see resources section at bottom)
Directions: Laminate construction paper and cut out tree shapes, one tree per child in your small group. Write a different number on the bottom of each tree trunk with a Sharpie and place the corresponding number of red sticky dots on the tree. Place a basket of red pom-pons on the table and have students place the correct number of “apples” on the trees using a strawberry huller. The strawberry huller incorporates fine motor exercise into this activity. Ignore the die, it was placed in the photo on accident.

Fall 1:1 Game
fall one to one
Setting: Small Group, Math Centers
Objective: 1:1 correspondence, number sense
Materials: one ice cube tray per student, foam die, fall manipulatives (from Scholastic)
Directions: Give each student in the small group an ice cube tray. Place the fall manipulatives in the center of the table in a bowl or other container so they are easily accessible to all students. Each student takes a turn rolling the die and putting the corresponding number of fall manipulatives in their ice cube tray.

Counting Leaf Plates
fall plates
Setting: Small Group, Math Centers
Objective: Number Recognition, 1:1 correspondence
Materials: 5 fall party plates (party store), foam leaves (Oriental Trading) Sharpie marker
Directions: Write one number on each plate (1-5) on the plates with a Sharpie. Have students put the correct number of leaves on each plate.

Leaf Pattern Crowns
leaf pattern crowns
Setting: Small Group, Math Centers
Objective: patterning
Materials: sentence strips- one per child, glue sticks, foam leaves (Oriental Trading), stapler
Directions: Give each child a sentence strip and have him glue leaves on to the the strip in a pattern. When finished use a stapler to make these into leaf crowns for each child to wear on their head.

Leaf Roll ‘N Stamp
leaf roll stamp
Setting: Small Group, Math Centers
Objective: 1:1 correspondence, number sense
Materials: recording sheet, yellow, red, and orange Do-A-Dot markers, one foam die, white cardstock or paper, Sharpie marker, tape
Directions: Give each child in your small group a recording sheet. Each child takes a turn rolling the die and stamps the corresponding number on their tree with a red, orange, or yellow Do-A-Dot marker. Since the tree only has numbers 1-3 on it make sure to cover the sides of your die that have 4, 5, and 6 with white paper and draw dots 1-3 on the blank sides with a Sharpie. Attach the white paper to the die with clear packing tape.

Where is the Leaf? Positional Book
leaf positional book
Setting: Large Group
Objective: Positional Words
Materials: Computer, printer, paper, stapler, scissors, popsicle stick, tape or glue
Directions: Print the Where is the Leaf? book on your printer (available in printables section). Cut out the leaf and attach it to the popsicle stick with tape or glue. Assemble the book and staple, read to class.

Fun Fall Activities

Watercolor Leaf
watercolor leaf
Materials: white construction paper, watercolors, crayons, scissors, black paper.
Have the students trace a simple leaf pattern onto white construction paper. Next, paint the white paper using watercolor paints. When dry, cut the leaf out and mount on black paper.

Leaf Creations
Materials: leaves, crayons, glue, white construction paper
Take your students on a leaf walk and have them select one leaf each to bring back to class with them. Glue the leaf on to the paper and add features, such as arms and legs, head, or tail. These look fantastic on the wall, you’ll be surprised how creative your students can be with this project. This is a great activity to accompany the new book by Lois Ehlert, Leaf Man.

Shape Scarecrow
Materials: various colors of construction paper, glue, crayons, buttons.
Have your students each trace one circle and one rectangle for the head and body of the scarecrow. Glue the shapes on to a full size piece of construction paper and add features such as eyes, nose, and mouth with crayons. Next, glue real buttons to the scarecrow’s shirt. Use pre-cut strips of paper to make the arms and legs.

Harvest Corn
Materials: fingerpaint paper, yellow, orange, and brown paint, green construction paper, an ear of corn, paint tray or copy box top.
Pour some yellow, orange, and brown paint into your paint try or box top. Have the students roll the ear of corn through the paint and then roll onto their piece of fingerpaint paper to make corn prints. When dry, cut the prints into the shape of an ear of corn. Cut husks from the green construction paper and glue to the bottom of the corn. These look great displayed along with the scarecrows.

Fall Printables

Clothespin Pumpkin Alphabet Matching Mat {FREE}
Free Printable Pumpkin Alphabet Matching Mat via www.pre-kpages.com

Apple Play Dough Counting Mats {FREE}
Free Apple Play Dough Counting Mats via www.pre-kpages.com

1-5 Counting Grid {FREE}
counting grid
Pattern Strips {FREE}

Fall Positional Words Book {FREE}
leaf positional book
Apple Orchard Dramatic Play
Apple Orchard Dramatic Play Kit

Fall Resources

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