Nursery Rhyme Notebooks

Nursery Rhyme Notebooks

Today I’m featuring an idea from my Nursery Rhyme Workshop and I’m also including 2 NEW printables for you. The free printables are located at the bottom of the Nursery Rhyme page.

nursery rhyme notebook cover

nursery rhyme notebook inside

What are Nursery Rhyme Notebooks? They are similar to poetry notebooks that are used in older grades.

How do they work? Each student has their own nursery rhyme notebook. There is a printable cover page you can attach to the front of the notebook. The first page inside the notebook (see picture above) is a printable nursery rhyme chart where students can record the nursery rhymes they know. The student colors each nursery rhyme picture on the chart when they have mastered it. The pictures on the chart are small so you might want to have the students circle each picture or color them entirely one color to avoid frustration. Behind the first page there is one nursery rhyme page to match each square on the nursery rhyme chart in the front.

What is the purpose of nursery rhyme notebooks? To help young children develop phonemic awareness skills, which are the necessary building blocks that need to be taught before they can begin to read. Most importantly, nursery rhymes are fun and engaging. More information about the benefits of nursery rhymes can be found HERE.

Where do you get the pages of individual Nursery Rhymes? You can find most of the Nursery Rhyme pages at Prekinders.

When do students use the nursery rhyme notebooks? Students can use their nursery rhyme notebooks during literacy centers or independent reading time. Place tongue depressors or other items to use as pointers in the inside pocket of the notebook and students can practice pointing to the words. They can also use highlighters to mark sight words or other features of print such as capital and lowercase letters.

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  1. Linda Housden says:

    So fun to log on and get your daily tips! I admire and am constantly in awe of your high energy and willingness to share with us! Thanks so much for all you do for us to help us be better teachers!

  2. Thank you SO much for the wonderful idea! I have a home-based daycare and am always looking for ideas to use with my preschoolers. My daughter used a poetry journal (same idea) in first grade. It never occurred to me to use nursery rhymes in the same manner. What a great way for parents to see concrete items of what we are learning in class! Thanks again!

  3. I love this idea! Thanks for all of your help and fresh ideas!

  4. Thank you for the awesome idea. I also have a home daycare and want to find new ideas for this next school year. Your website has been a HUGE help to me!!! Thank you!!

  5. Thank you Vanessa, for this great idea. I was going to do poetry notebooks in the fall but I think I’ll do nursery rhyme notebooks instead. Thank you bunches!!

  6. Do you give the students all the pages at the same time? or present the rhymes weekly and then add a new rhyme each week?

    Great idea as always:)

  7. V. Levin says:

    Good question Debbie! I give the students the pages as we learn the rhymes. Since we learn one new rhyme every two weeks they get a new page every two weeks. I don’t start the year with these though, I wait until we have about 2 or 3 rhymes under out belts.

  8. I love this idea! Thank you.

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