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Block Center materials and organization tips for your preschool, pre-k, Head Start or kindergarten classroom.

How to Set Up a Setting Up a Block Center in Preschool

Block Center

Setting up a block center in your preschool or kindergarten classroom can be tricky; it’s way more involved than just putting out a bunch of blocks and letting the kids go at it. There is so much more to the block center! Here are some ideas for supporting language, literacy, math, critical thinking, problem solving, and social skills in your block center.

Organized Preschool Block Center via
Pictured in the middle of the top shelf is the block center sign, read more about how the center signs here.

Traffic Signs in the Block Center via
Traffic signs in the block center will provide a print rich environment for your students as well as offer opportunities for identifying environmental print.

Vehicles in the Block Center via

Vehicles in the Block Center

Adding vehicles in your block center will provide your students with opportunities to develop oral language skills as well as problem solving and creativity.

Roadway Puzzle System in Preschool Block Center via

Communication and Problem Solving in the Block Center

This Roadway puzzle set is ideal for groups of students to work together, communicate, and problem solve. The road can be configured in many different ways offering a unique play experience each time.

Organized Preschool Block Center via

Block Center Materials

Tips for Setting Up a Block Center in Preschool
Here are some of the items I have in my block center

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