Community Helpers

Community helper learning activities for preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten.

Community Helper Learning Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

Health/Doctor/Nurse Books

(see also Dramatic Play Doctor’s Office)

Police Officer Books

Dentist Books

(See also the Dental Health page)

Postal Worker Books

(See also Dramatic Play Post Office)

Firefighter Books

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Veterinarian Books

(See also Dramatic Play Vet Clinic)

Community Helper DVD’s

Community Helper Activities

Community Helper Literacy Activities
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Community Helper Math Activities

Band-Aid Matching and Sorting
Materials: assorted “cute” style band-aids, index cards
Stick band-aids on index cards and laminate. Make sure that you have two of every type of band-aid to create a matching game. If you want them to sort the band-aids they can use many methods; character vs. non-character, neon vs. non-neon, big vs. little, etc. To gather enough band-aids ask parents for donations at the beginning of the year you can, add them to your “Giving Tree”, or put a request in your weekly newsletter.

What Do You Want to Be Graph?
Materials: Butcher paper, one marker, regular or manilla construction paper cut into 5×6 inch squares, glue sticks, crayons.
Using a marker, title your graph and draw lines on the butcher paper to create columns. Give each child a square of paper and have them draw a picture of what they want to be when they grow up. If your program is more academic encourage them to add words under their picture. Have each student glue his or her picture in the appropriate column on the graph. Discuss the results with the class and analyze the data, then display the graph on your wall or in the hallway.

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Fun Community Helper Activities

Doctor Bag
doctor bag front
doctor bag inside
Materials: black construction paper, tongue depressors, band-aids, cotton balls, Q-Tips, scissors, glue or tape, white crayons, red masking tape.
Take a large sheet of black construction paper and fold in half hamburger style. Use your scissors to round the edges and create a “handle” in the top. Write “Dr. _____” in white crayon on the front of each bag. Children can use the white crayon to write their own name on the line. On the other side of the bag use the red masking tape to make a red cross (medical symbol). Use glue or tape to secure the tongue depressor, cotton ball and Q-Tip inside of the bag, the band-aid sticks by itself and the kids get a big kick out of opening it and placing it inside. For added fun use the “cute” types of band-aids that are now sold in stores and let the kids pick which one they want in their bag.

What We Want to Be Class Book
community helper book
Materials: paper, crayons, camera and film.
Have each student draw a picture of what they want to be when they grow up on 8 1/2 X 11 sheets of paper OR you can find a reproducible pattern of each community helper and have them color their favorite one. Next, take the pictures of the students, cut out just the faces and glue onto the pictures in the face area. Laminate the book and bind using binding combs, metal rings, or pipe cleaners etc. This makes a very interesting book that your students will go crazy for! For an extra twist, you can send the book home in a bag for the students to share with their families.

What I Want to Be Lift-the-Flap
Materials: construction paper, crayons, scissors.
Take your sheet of construction paper and fold hot dog style. Next, open the sheet and make three equally spaced cuts in the paper from the bottom to the middle fold. Close the paper again with the opening at the bottom and the three cuts you made will create 4 flaps that open. Now write “I want to be..” on the front of each flap and the students can draw pictures under each flap.

Community Helper Printables

Community Helper Literacy Packet
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Community Helper Math Packet
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Free Community Helper Printables
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