Parent Conferences

Preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten parent conferences.

Planning for, preparing, and conducting parent conferences can be overwhelming and stressful. Teachers often have many questions and concerns about parent conferences such as:

  • What should I talk about?
  • How do I schedule parent conferences?
  • How do I prepare for parent conferences?
  • What about difficult students?
  • How do I tell parents their child is struggling?

Successful Parent Conferences in Preschool and Kindergarten
Based on my experience and the questions above I have created a step-by-step process that will help you conduct successful parent conferences.

The Parent Conference System will help you:

  • Schedule parent conferences by providing you with example notes and e-mails to use in various situations
  • Save time by providing the tools necessary to schedule, plan, and conduct successful parent conferences
  • Communicate with parents in a professional, confident manner that will put them at ease
  • Discuss difficult topics with parents such as poor grades or low assessment scores

51 printable pages to help you plan for, prepare, and hold more successful and productive parent-teacher conferences.

This packet is offered in PDF format and includes fillable forms for your convenience. The Deluxe Fillable Parent Conference System includes:

  • Scheduling Conferences: How to make it work for you. Provides 4 different ways to schedule conferences to fit the needs of the population you work with.
  • Conference Notes and Forms: Provides samples of notes you can customize to meet your needs.
  • Preparing for Conferences: Organizing tips, handout ideas, plus a sample reminder note and e-mail
  • Starting Off Positively: Specific phrases for starting your conferences off on a positive note as well as tips for handling parents who want the bad news first.
  • Difficult Conferences: Tips for informing parents their child is struggling and an example conversation.
  • Sticking to Your Schedule: How to stick to your schedule and keep everything running smoothly
  • Missed Conference: How to handle when parents don’t show up for a scheduled conference as well as a note to customize and sample e-mail.
  • Conference Follow Up: How to thank parents for their attendance, a sample note that will bring in the no-shows, as well as a personal e-mail.
  • Documenting Conferences: A form for keeping track of your conferences

How it works:

Three of the pages in this packet offer you the ability to type in text, which is then automatically copied to several forms throughout the document. This feature, called “fillable forms”, is designed to save you valuable time; the layout and formatting are already done for you!

Customizing your document is easy, just enter the specific details for your class in the spaces provided. Some areas also include suggested text for your convenience, or you can type in your own if you prefer.

The areas listed below can all be customized:

  • Preferred Greeting (Dear Parents, Dear Pre-K Families etc.)
  • Conference Month
  • Sign-Up
  • Purpose of Conferences
  • Teacher Contact Info
  • RSVP Date
  • Room Number
  • Grade Level
  • Appointment Days
  • Appointment Dates
  • Appointment Times
  • Class List (up to 24 students-if you have more, simply open another copy and “save as” using a new name)

Once you enter all the information on the main page it will automatically duplicate throughout the document- all you have to do is hit print! Each parent note is customized with the child’s name, conference time, teacher’s name and contact details saving you hours of work!

Detailed instructions are included in the packet for you.

Download the Deluxe Fillable Parent Conference System below {51 pages} $7

51 printable pages to help you plan for, prepare, and hold more successful and productive parent-teacher conferences.

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