Classroom Helpers

Classroom helpers in preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten
Preschool Classroom Helpers

Preschool Classroom Helpers

I have included information on this page for managing one single helper as well as classroom helpers. Please note that different methods work for different teachers.

How many classroom helpers do you have?

I have only one assigned classroom helper per day.

Why do you only have one classroom helper each day?

Keeping track of multiple classroom helpers daily or even weekly can be very time consuming. Also, young children often forget their classroom jobs and have to be reminded.

Having only one classroom helper each day takes the burden off the teacher and places responsibility on the child. Allowing young children to feel like they are “in charge” gives them a great sense of empowerment. Children who feel empowered are more likely to enjoy school and take more academic risks.

One of the goals of any good early childhood program is to teach independence, by allowing the students to be in control for the entire day they feel incredibly empowered and independent.

What about building a sense of community and creating a sense of belonging and ownership? I thought using a job chart is an important part of that?

Yes, I agree that building a sense of community, belonging, and ownership are very important aspects of any early childhood classroom. However, there are many other ways to accomplish this task without the use of individual jobs.

I have pictures of the children throughout the room, there is a picture of each student next to their name card in their cubbies, they have name cards with pictures for attendance in the morning, for writing their names, we sing a good morning and good-bye song every day and I greet each student as they enter the classroom. I teach them that we are a family and we take care of each other and so much more.

Do you use a chart or system to help you keep track of your classroom helpers?

No. This is a personal choice I have the luxury of making in my own classroom. I understand there are programs that require a job for every child and for that reason I have created a printable packet of pictures for each classroom job (see bottom of this page)

How do you select your daily classroom helper?

Watch the video below.

Leader Vest

leader vest model

My mom made these vests for our Leader of the Day. They have stars on them so essentially it is like a Star Student vest. I tried using necklaces for our L.O.T.D. but they were always getting tangled and didn’t seem safe. I wanted to distinguish the leader in some way but I also wanted it to be safe and easy for the L.O.T. D. to get on and off. I have been using the vests for about 10 years and they work very well for us.

What about jobs that require more than one child?

For jobs that require more than one child I allow the leader of the day to choose helpers. For example, if the leader is walking in front of the line, he or she can appoint a “caboose” to turn off the lights and somebody to hold the door if he or she does not wish to do these things.

What exactly does the leader do?

Our leader does everything. Some of the jobs of the leader include calendar helper, checking clean-up at centers, pushing in chairs, turning on and off the lights, holding the door, or leading the line etc.

Classroom Helper Job Chart

Classroom Helper Job Chart via

Learn how to use inexpensive envelopes to make your own classroom helper job chart here.

Classroom Helper Jobs Chart Printable Kit for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten
The 28 page classroom helper job packet below contains the following jobs:

  • Bathroom Monitor (girls/boys)
  • Bell Ringer
  • Caboose {2 versions}
  • Caretaker {5 versions to include cultural diversity and different animals}
  • Center Monitor {2 versions}
  • Class Comforter
  • Computer Technician
  • Custodian {2 versions- boy/girl}
  • Door Holder {2 versions to include cultural diversity}
  • Drink Monitor
  • Electrician {3 versions}
  • Environmentalist/Recycling Helper {2 versions- boy/girl}
  • Flag Holder/Pledge Leader {2 versions to include cultural diversity and both U.S. and generic flags}
  • Gardener {2 versions to include cultural diversity and boy/girl}
  • Hospitality/Greeter
  • Librarian {2 versions- boy/girl}
  • Line Leader {2 versions to reflect cultural diversity}
  • Lunch Helper/Lunch Monitor
  • Materials Monitor {2 versions- boy/girl}
  • Messenger {2 versions to include cultural diversity and boy/girl}
  • Meteorologist {2 versions}
  • Paper Passer
  • Calendar Helper
  • Snack Helper
  • Folder Passer
  • Table Washer {2 versions- boy/girl}
  • Equipment Manager {2 versions- boy/girl}
  • Chair Stacker {2 versions to include cultural diversity}
  • Shoe Expert

Classroom Helper Jobs Printable Packet via

The Classroom Helper job chart packet is a PDF that has fillable text fields to allow you to customize the document to meet your needs. Just type your own text in the boxes, save and print! This is a great feature for those of you who have very specific jobs or teach in a language other than English!

Simple, easy way to keep track of and display classroom helpers in your pre-k or kindergarten classroom.

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