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Learning about animals that hatch from eggs is a fun spring topic in many preschool and kindergarten classrooms. Animals that lay eggs are called oviparous. The concept of laying and hatching eggs can be difficult for young children to understand.

I have included a game below to help teach your students about oviparous animals in a fun, hands-on way, and a book list that includes eleven age appropriate books. Oh, and I even created a free count, tally and graph printable for you too- keep reading to grab your copy!

FUN Oviparous Egg Hunt Game for #preschool and #kindergarten + FREE printable
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  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Plastic oviparous animals OR you can use the picture cards in the freebie below
  • Pencils
  • Crayons
  • Paper lunch bags

Oviparous Animal Hunt – A Spring Game

Start your study of oviparous animals by reading books on this topic for a few days (see book list below.) Before children can sort and label animals as oviparous and viviparous (live birth) they first need to learn which animals lay and hatch from eggs. When they have developed an understanding of oviparous animals, then they can move on to classifying oviparous and non-oviparous animals. This activity focuses on identifying oviparous animals.

Next, decide if you will be using plastic animals or the printable animals offered below. In the printable I included five different animals: duck, chick, turtle, lizard, and snake. I know there are more than five oviparous animals, but using them all would have made the activity too difficult. Print as many copies of the animal cards as you need.

Hunting for Oviparous Eggs in #preschool and #kindergarten

How to Play the Oviparous Animal Egg Hunt Game

Place one animal card inside each plastic egg and hide the eggs around your classroom. You will need to decide how many eggs and how many pictures you will need in order for this game to be successful with your class size.

I suggest doing this activity in small groups to cut down on the number of eggs needed. For example, each group of 4-5 students works together to hunt for eggs and complete the activity cooperatively.

You can give each group a brown paper lunch bag to hold their eggs. When all the eggs have been found they can return to their group table and count, tally, and graph their finds.

Free Printables for Teaching about Oviparous Animals in #preschool and #kindergarten

Oviparous Animals Printable

I have included the count and tally skills on one page with large boxes to accommodate emergent writers. On the graphing page you can ask your students to cross out one box for each animal, color in the box, or write actual numbers in the boxes according to their ability levels. You can also ask them to tell you which column has more and how many more they need in each column to make ten.

Books about Eggs

Books about Eggs for #preschool and #kindergarten
These are eleven of my favorite books about eggs for young children in preschool and kindergarten. I have included books with photographs on this list as well as picture books.

Chickens Aren’t the Only Ones by Ruth Heller
An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Hutts Aston
An Extraordinary Egg by Leo Lionni
First the Egg by Laura Vaccaro Seever
The Golden Egg Book by Margaret Wise Brown (don’t let this one fool you, it’s not really an Easter book)
Guess What is Growing Inside This Egg by Mia Posada
Hank Finds an Egg by Rebecca Dudley
See How They Grow: Chick by DK Publishing
See How They Grow: Duck by DK Publishing
Ten Eggs in a Nest by Marilyn Sadler
What Will Hatch? by Jennifer Ward

Click on the picture below to download the free oviparous animal printable
Oviparous Animals Count, Tally, and Graph FREEBIE for #preschool and #kindergarten

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  1. My daughter (3 1/2) and I were talking about animals that hatch from eggs this morning using your pictures and I asked her to think about what other animals hatched. She said caterpillar and frog. We have just been talking about life cycles so those had been on her mind. Are they included in the same group or under something different. I had also said turtles. I just don’t want to get her confused.

    Btw, love the website and we are going to the library this morning to get the suggested books!

    • Vanessa Levin says:

      Hi Tara, thanks for stopping by! The animals included in the printable are just examples and are definitely not the only ones that hatch from eggs. As I said in the post, I had to limit the number of animals included in the printable to make the game work for large groups of children. There are definitely lots of others that also hatch from eggs, the books on the list will give you a much more comprehensive list.

  2. Ooooh, you left out A Nest Full of Eggs.

    A fabulous book.

    It shows what is happening inside the robin’s egg at 3 days, 5 days, 9 days and 12 days (when it starts to crack). I tell the kids the ‘white’ (albumin) is the ‘pillow’, because it just so happens that it IS!! I have a B.A. in biology, and the white cushions the baby bird, so it is indeed a pillow!!

    • Vanessa Levin says:

      Thanks for the book suggestion Chris, I’m always looking for good books to add to my collection!

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