Why is it important to teach using students names ? To a child, there is nothing more important than his or her own name. Using names to teach letters and name recognition is a very powerful teaching tool. Names are very meaningful to children, therefore they are eager to learn to identify the letters in their own names first; it is very empowering and motivating for them. A child who is eager, motivated, and feels empowered about his or her own learning is going to learn more quickly and retain more than a child who is not.

Top 20 activities to use with student names:

  • Sort names by first letter
  • Sort names by length (number of letters in the name)
  • Use Bingo Dot markers to trace the first letter of child’s name

Bingo Dot Names

  • Rainbow-write names

Rainbow Write

  • Make names with Wikki Stix
  • Hunt for letters in your name in the sensory table
  • Stamp names with ABC stamps
  • Crayon resist watercolor names

Crayon Resist

  • Make names with magnetic letters or bottle caps with letters written on top
  • Make an autograph book
  • Make an address book
  • Tactile Names
  • Go on a name hunt in the classroom (how many names can you find?)
  • Put children’s names and pictures on the word wall
  • Use clothesline and clip paper letters to the line to make names
  • Make scented names using liquid glue and Kool-Aid
  • Cut letters out of magazines and glue to paper to make names

Pasting Names

  • Match names to pictures of people
  • Make names with alphabet beads
  • Make class books with student names

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