Spring Race to the Top Game

Race to the Top is a fun game that can be adapted for many different skills and levels. You can use these types of games to practice letter recognition, sight words, or even numbers.

alphabet race to the top
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In the picture above you can see the Spring Alphabet Race to the Top game, in the picture below you can see the sight word version of the game.

To prepare this game use a pocket die as shown in the picture, or you can create your own for free using a small box. Select which letters, words, or numbers you want to use on your die and then write your selections on the flowers before you make copies. To record their answers students can use Do-A-Dot markers or crayons.

Race to the Top can be played in a small group or by an individual child. To play the game the students take turns rolling the die and recording their rolls on their sheet by placing a dot in the square or coloring it in with crayons. When a particular word, letter, or number has been rolled five times it reaches the top first and is declared the “winner”. I like this game because the students don’t compete against each other, the skills do. When a word wins I encourage the children to keep playing to see which one comes in second place, third place and so on.

spring sight word race to the top
race to top printable

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  1. Leslie Sausage says:

    Love this!

  2. I do this with my kindergarten kids! They LOVE it! Instead of using a dot stamper, though, each time they roll the word, they have to write it –Just a sneaky way to practice their words :)

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