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Printable Substitute Packet
Everything you need to organize effectively and efficiently for a substitute or guest teacher in your preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten classroom. Never be caught off guard again!

Preparing for a substitute can be a daunting task for any teacher, especially for those who teach young children. Teachers often decide not to call in sick when they should just to avoid preparing for a substitute because it’s so time consuming.

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My top 6 tips for preparing for a substitute are:

  1. Always plan ahead by having substitute plans ready to go at any time.
  2. Use a sub folder or binder to store all the necessary information for substitutes.
  3. Place the sub folder or binder in an area where the substitute is sure to see it.
  4. Update your class list and information in your substitute folder as soon as any changes are made.
  5. When you print your lesson plans each week make an extra copy and place them in your substitute folder, just in case.
  6. Include a welcome and a thank-you message to your substitute in the folder.

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A good tip for preparing for a sub in preschool or kindergarten is to provide a page in your substitute folder with the names and pictures of each student. Preschool and kindergarten students are often shy around strangers and may not always say their names when asked, others may not be native English speakers or have speech impairments that will make understanding their names difficult, this is where the pictures and name labels come in very useful for a substitute teacher.

Another tip is to create a sub CD or playlist on your iPod, fill the CD or playlist with songs your students are familiar with and have a book to go along with them. For example, have the song The Wheels on the Bus and a book so the substitute can turn the pages and the students can sing along as the song plays. If you use a CD add a small sticker to the back of each book with the track number written on it so the substitute will know which song to play.

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I have developed a Substitute Packet that includes 7 pages of valuable information and tools to help teachers prepare effectively and efficiently for a substitute teacher. The Substitute Packet will help you:

  • Save time by putting all the essential ingredients for a substitute folder together in one thorough and concise package.
  • Feel more at ease knowing that your substitute has everything he or she needs to be successful.
  • Plan ahead for those unexpected absences that leave you scrambling.

The Substitute Packet includes:

  • List of documents to include in your sub folder.
  • Customizable Class List Template.
  • Customizable Daily Schedule
  • Contacts Template
  • Customizable Behavior Expectations
  • Dismissal List Template
  • Class Rules Sample and Template
  • Emergency Procedures Template
  • Notes Page for Substitute Template

Just fill in the information that is specific to your classroom and school and you will be prepared for a substitute.
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Substitute Packet $3
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