Thanksgiving Visual Discrimination Activity

Free Printable Thanksgiving Visual Discrimination Activity for #preschool and #kindergarten

Thanksgiving Visual Discrimination Activity

Here is another printable visual discrimination activity similar to the one I shared with you for Halloween.

What is Visual Discrimination?

Visual discrimination is the ability to tell the difference between objects or symbols by sight including color, shape, size, and orientation. This skill is developmental; children will become more successful with visual discrimination activities as they begin to mature.

What is Visual Discrimination & Why is it  Important? #preschool #kindergarten

Why is Visual Discrimination Important?
Young children in preschool and kindergarten need to have good visual discrimination skills to start identifying letters and numbers. Visual discrimination skills will help children to notice the similarities and differences in letters like b and d or x and y. Visual discrimination skills are also important when classifying.

You will need small manipulatives like Unifix cubes, flat floral marbles, or bingo chips for this activity. Of course, to avoid choking hazards make sure the manipulatives are age-appropriate for your students. Students will search for two images on each Thanksgiving themed task card that are the same and cover them with a manipulative. More detailed directions are included in the printable below.

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Free Printable Thanksgiving Visual Discrimination Activity for #preschool and #kindergarten

The images in this free printable are from the following talented artists:
Creative Clips by Krista Wallden
Kari Bolt
Lilly Bimble @MyGrafico
Goodness and Fun @MyGrafico

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