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classroom center signs
What are classroom center signs?
Center signs are displayed in each center in the classroom as a way to keep parents, administrators, and other adults informed of what students are learning in each center.

Displaying a photograph on each sign can help young children locate the centers. Using photographs provides students with an example of what the center looks like when it is clean, looking at the pictures can help children learn how to clean-up appropriately.

abc center sign

How do center signs work?
Each sign has a “we are” statement followed by skills the children are learning in the center. First, print the signs on your paper of choice, regular copy paper or cardstock. Next, display the signs in each center in your classroom in a vertical position so they are easily visible to both adults and children.

You choose how to display the signs in your classroom. Some teachers place them on the wall in each center and others prefer to put them in plastic picture frames (without the glass) or table tents so they stand upright. If you are displaying the signs on the wall it might be wise to laminate them for durability.

The text printed on each sign is intended for the adults in the classroom. The “we are” statements are meant to help adults in the classroom better understand the purpose for the activities and the benefits to the children.

As professional educators we often forget that not everybody knows and understands the value of play and the importance of using centers in the early childhood classroom. The addition of center signs in your classroom can help educate visitors, parents, paraprofessionals, substitutes, administrators, and volunteers.

Printable Center Signs for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten

The signs included in each packet are:

  1. ABC Center
  2. Art Center
  3. Block Center
  4. Computer Center
  5. Dramatic Play Center
  6. Library Center
  7. Listening Center
  8. Math Center
  9. Playdough Center
  10. Puppet Center
  11. Puzzle Center
  12. Safe Center
  13. Sand and Water Center
  14. Science Center
  15. Writing Center

FREE SAMPLE: Download the ABC Center sign for free!

The center signs are offered in a variety of colors for you to choose from. Each packet contains 15 center signs in a single color. The colors available are:

  • Red and White Polka Dot
  • Dark Blue and White Polka Dot
  • Dark Green and White Polka Dot
  • Black and White Polka Dot
  • Light Blue Polka Dot

Printable Center Signs for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten
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green labels
The center signs look great along with these polka dot labels from Prekinders!

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