Dramatic Play Center

Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten Dramatic Play Center Ideas and Resources.
dramatic play center
Ideas to help you set up and organize the dramatic play center your in preschool, pre-k, Head Start or kindergarten classroom.

The dramatic play center is a favorite with both boys and girls. There are baby dolls of several different ethnicities in our dramatic play center. It is important to provide dolls that reflect the ethnicity of the students in the classroom. We have many Multicultural Dolls living in our home center.

Dramatic Play Themes

We change our dramatic play center throughout the year to keep it fresh and exciting. Click on the links below to see pictures.

dress up

Clothes for Pretend Play

Dress-up clothes are hanging on 3M hooks.

dramatic play books

Books in the Dramatic Play Center

A tub of books about homes, clothes, food, and families is available to students.

Favorite Toys for Pretend Play

Pretend Play Toys for Preschoolers
1. Play Phone
2. Multicultural Dolls
3. Pretend Food
4. Dress Up Clothes
5. Dishes, Pots and Pans
6. One Piece Kitchen

The dishes, pots and pans, and play food are all stored in the cabinets underneath the sink and stove.

Below I have listed some of the other items we have in our dramatic play center:

  • Book Basket (featuring books about homes, household items, food)
  • Purses with wallets & keys (these are a HUGE hit)
  • Table and chairs
  • Pencils and notepads
  • Restaurant menus
  • Old cookbooks and cooking magazines
  • Homemade telephone book with pictures next to each number (library, friends phone numbers, pizza etc)

More Dramatic Play Themes from Pre-K Pages

Dramatic Play Resources:

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