Teacher Halloween Costumes

Are you ready for Halloween? Most schools don’t allow students or teachers to dress-up for Halloween any longer, but many do have a “Book Character Parade” instead.

Halloween costume idea for preschool and kindergarten teachers via www.pre-kpages.com
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Halloween Costumes for Teachers

I love Halloween and would like to dress-up for the kids, but I am always too busy to put together a good costume. Besides, how many Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s do you really need in a parade?

you can't scare me front

One year we had a staff development day on Halloween and several of the teachers arrived wearing unique shirts and teacher accessories. I was inspired by this idea so I made my own t-shirt, you can see the front of the shirt above and the back below.

you can't scare me back

You Can’t Scare Me I’m a Teacher Shirt

After I made my own shirt I found one on Amazon that is similar.

Halloween Nails

You know you are a dedicated teacher when you do your nails Halloween style! These Halloween nail stickers are super easy to use.

Halloween Shoes

What would match the orange teacher shirt and nail polish better than a pair of orange Crocs with Halloween jibbitz?
halloween crocs

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Halloween Ideas for Preschool and kindergarten
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  1. Jackie Ries says:

    When my students ask, I always say that I will dress up to be “a grouchy teacher.” Even my PreKs laugh. I bought a big (men’s 3X) sweatshirt and appliqued a J-o-L face on it, I painted the facial features with glow-in-the-dark paint. I also sewed several Halloween vests to wear during the week. Mrs. Wishy-Washy would be good for our end of the year literary parade, I think I’ll steal that idea.
    But Red Ribbon Week has overtaken Halloween and we’ve been forced to wear red, wear mis-matched clothes, camouflage and silly socks this week.

  2. crystal f says:

    I am dressing up as the grouchy ladybug. I am wearing lady bug wings and headband with black pants and shirt. The kids love it!!

  3. alleta young says:

    I love Halloween too. We still observe the day…sadly Mrs. Young (me) never gets to attend but Mrs. Old always shows up in my place…I still have former students that ask me how Mrs. Old is doing? I Love to trick and treat…

  4. Vanessa @Pre-K Pages says:

    Thanks for sharing Jackie! I can relate to Red Ribbon Week eclipsing Halloween, it’s the same here.

  5. Vanessa @Pre-K Pages says:

    Thanks for sharing Crystal :) Your Grouchy Ladybug costume sounds too cute!

  6. Vanessa @Pre-K Pages says:

    Thanks for sharing Alleta :) I wish my name was Mrs. Young too, that is hilarious!!!

  7. I teach a pre-k class with only seven children, and they’re all boys. Yesterday, I came to school as Snow White. The kids and I did a parade around the school as Snow White and the seven dwarves! The parents thought it was hilarious.

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