Circle Time

Preschool circle time
Preschool Circle Time

Our circle area is where the children gather to listen to stories and participate in large group activities daily.

circle time

  • The yellow chair is where I sit for whole group teaching activities.
  • Directly behind the yellow chair you can see the rules chart (made at Vista Print), picture schedule, leader of the day information, and literacy and math center rotation charts for the teacher.
  • The white board to the right holds our calendar math components; calendar, days of the week train, number line, number bear, and counting hands to 100 quilt.
  • The picture schedule in the narrow blue pocket chart is a MUST for all early childhood classrooms. You can read more about it here.
  • The bags hanging above the white board are student birthday bags.
  • The Royal Reading and Writing Easel holds our morning message chart, big books, and much more.

vista print rules
It is important to have visuals to go with your rules in an early childhood classroom as a reminder. I made this rules chart using Vista Print. It is posted on the wall in our circle area so we can refer to it often. You can read more about rules and behavior expectations in our classroom here.

Calendar Math


Here you can see our calendar area which also includes our Number Bear, Days of the Week Train, Counting Quilt, and Number Line. This is a program our district requires us to use daily.

Days of the Week Train

week train

Birthday Bags

birthday bags
Each bag is labeled with a different month and a die-cut shape. Each student’s name and birth date is printed on a colorful tongue depressor, then the sticks are placed in the appropriate bags. At the beginning of each month we take a bag down to see what birthdays are coming soon, then we place the birthday stick in the calendar pocket chart on the appropriate day so we won’t forget the important birthdays. Read more about how we celebrate birthdays in our classroom.

Picture Schedule

Daily picture schedule cards in pocket chart for preschool and kindergarten via

Our daily activities are displayed sequentially in a pocket chart and a clip is moved down at the beginning of every transition to indicate what we are doing. You can read more about how I use a pocket chart to display our daily schedule here.

Teaching Easel

Royal Easel
I couldn’t live without my teaching easel! My easel sits just to the left of the yellow chair in the picture at the top of the page. I use it to conduct the morning message, read big books, hold pointers, I write on it like a whiteboard, it holds my magnetic timer, it has hooks for hanging charts on the back, and it has 4 large tubs underneath where I store the books I am going to read aloud each day and all sorts of other teaching tools I need to have at my fingertips.

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Circle Time Resources

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