Dramatic Play Bakery

dramatic play bakery
Do you struggle to find time to change out the props in your dramatic play center? These printable props will help you easily transform your dramatic play center into an adorable bakery. This packet also provides research that explains how dramatic play supports academic learning. The bakery kit is infused with literacy, math, and writing opportunities that align with current learning standards.


The 27 page dramatic play bakery kit includes the following printables:

  • Open and Closed signs {large and small}
  • Five different bakery store signs {Preschool, Pre-K, Kinder, Wee Ones, and one for personalization}
  • One bakery banner
  • Two types of order tickets {One with prices and one without}
  • Four different types of menus {Menu cards, one-page menu both with or without prices}

{NOTE: The dramatic play bakery kit has been updated with brighter colors and new fonts, please see the product image below that reflects these changes}

magnetic bakery menu

DIY Bakery Signs

In the picture above you can see the menu cards with prices attached to a metal cookie sheet with magnetic tape. The cookie sheet has been spray painted and a ribbon has been attached to the back with a glue gun.

pocket chart menu

Vocabulary Cards

In this picture above the menu cards have been placed in a pocket chart.

dramatic play bakery menu

Bakery Menu

In the picture above you can see the regular one-page menu with prices {also included without prices}.

dramatic play baked goods

Bakery Order Forms

In the picture above you can see the order tickets in the white basket.

DIY how to make a chef's hat for your dramatic play center via www.pre-kpages.com

DIY Chef’s Hat

Learn how to make a super simple and inexpensive chef’s hat on the blog HERE.

FREE Printable Bakery Punch Cards for Dramatic Play Center via www.pre-kpages.com

Free Bakery Punch Cards

Download these free bakery punch cards on the blog HERE.

Dramatic Play Bakery Printable


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*Note: Baked goods such as cookies, pies, and cakes can be made using healthy ingredients such as whole wheat flour, oatmeal, and natural sugar substitutes. Doughnuts can be baked instead of fried. Include a lesson about healthy cooking and eating before introducing the bakery center to your students if it is a concern.

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