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Do you struggle to find time to change out the props in your dramatic play center? These printable props will help you easily transform your dramatic play center into an adorable post office. This packet also provides research that explains how dramatic play supports academic learning. The post office kit is infused with literacy, math, and writing opportunities that support current learning standards.

Contents of the Dramatic Play Post Office Printable Packet

The 30 page dramatic play post office kit includes the following printables:

  • Open and Closed Signs {two sizes}
  • Hours of Operation Sign
  • Post Office Banner
  • Printable Stamps
  • Letter Writing Supplies {printable card, postcard, labels}
  • Post Office Supply Signs {four different types}

printable cards for post office play

Printable Birthday Cards and Postcards

Pictured above are the printable birthday cards and postcard. Students can color and write on the cards and then stamp and deliver them (see picture of mailbox chart below). The stamps are stored in plastic baby food containers.

post office stamps

Addressing Packages

Place some small; empty boxes and tape in the post office dramatic play center and your students will have a blast addressing packages to their friends.

post office magnetic sign

Post Office Supply Signs

Here is the list of supplies sold in the post office. These cards are attached to a cookie sheet using magnetic tape. Find out how you can make your own cookie sheet sign here.

post office pocket chart

Post Office Vocabulary Cards

The post office supply cards can also be displayed in a pocket chart from the dollar store.

post office mail chart

Easy DIY Post Office Mailboxes

Glue library pockets to a piece of poster board and write your students names on the labels provided to create a space saving mail delivery center. I also added some bulletin board border around the edges of the poster board. Your students will have loads of fun delivering mail to their friends.

Pretend Play Post Office

Postal Worker Uniforms

I found the official USPS uniform shirt pictured above at a thrift shop. The Fisher Price mail bag was a garage sale find and the blue visor was fifty cents at the craft store. I used a paint pen to write the word “mail” on the visor.

post office mail bag
You can make your own mail bag by writing the word mail on a fabric bag with craft paint. I found the little blue bags as the craft store; they were three for one dollar.


printable post office kit
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