Preschool Books About the Zoo

Preschoolers love animals, especially the exotic animals found in the zoo.

They also like learning everything about zoo animals including what they eat and what sounds they make!

These fun and engaging zoo theme books below will both delight and build enthusiasm for a zoo field trip or a learning theme at home or in your classroom.

Zoo Preschool Theme Books

Books About the Zoo

Zoo-Looking by Mem Fox – Acclaimed children’s author Mem Fox spins a rhyming tale about little Flora who visits the zoo with her father. She likes looking at the animals, but some of them turn to look at her too!

The View at the Zoo by Kathleen Long Bostrom – In this humorous twist on a visit to the zoo, who has the most interesting view?

If Anything Ever Goes Wrong at the Zoo by Mary Jean Hendrick -“If anything ever goes wrong at the zoo, you can send the zebras to my house,” Leslie tells the zebra keeper. She also invites the monkeys and the elephants. Nobody shows up until one wet, stormy night when the zoo floods and the zebra keeper remembers Leslie’s offer.

Curious George Visits the Zoo by H. A. Rey, Margret Rey – Beloved children’s book character Curious George and the man with the yellow hat visit the zoo. A hungry Curious George snatches a pail of bananas from the zoo keeper. Though he shouldn’t have taken the bananas, George soon changes the zookeeper’s shouts to praise with his clever, helpful ways.

We’re Going on a Lion Hunt by David Axtell – A delightful twist on the classic tale of Going on a Bear Hunt. Two sisters set off in search of a lion-a lion that lives on the African savanna, where the girls go through swishy-swashy long grass, a splishy-splashy lake, and a big dark cave. What do you think they find?

Dear Zoo (Dear Zoo & Friends) by Rod Campbell – A class favorite year after year! A young boy searches for the perfect pet. Your kids will love using their imaginations to guess what is inside each box!

Good Night, Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann – Sneak along behind the zookeeper’s back and see who gets the last laugh in this riotous good-night romp. A classic must-read (or not) wordless picture book that is perfect for developing oral language and retelling skills.

Never, Ever Shout in a Zoo by Karma Wilson – An imaginative tale of a little girl who trips, drops her ice-cream cone, and then gives a frustrated cry, despite the narrator’s warning to “Never, EVER shout in a zoo-/because if you do-/anything might happen.”

1, 2, 3 to the Zoo by Eric Carle – A combination of simple counting with Carle’s unusual captivating and unique illustrations of animals that will help young children learn basic number concepts and counting skills.

Going to the Zoo by Tom Paxton – A “must sing” for all young children! This musical menagerie is every bit as fun as a trip to the zoo. Your kids will want to “stay all day” and come back again and again!

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Farm Small World Sensory Play

Sensory play is a fantastic way to dive deeper into a preschool theme to solidify learning. Recently, my children explored a farm themed sensory small world.

Farm Sensory and Small World Play for Preschool
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Small World Sensory Play

A small world is a miniature version of people, places, or things for play. As children engage all of their senses through sensory play, they retain more information. The sights, sounds, and feeling of the play materials inspires a deeper concentration, so you’ll find your children getting lost in the pretend play involved in a sensory small world set up.

Farm Sensory Small World Play

Educational Benefits of Small World Sensory Play

As our preschooler and toddler explored our farm-themed sensory small world the learning involved spanned so many subject areas and concepts!

  • Fine Motor: Manipulating the materials and toys, cutting the hay, stacking toy hay bales, planting and harvesting the crops from the play dough, making animal foot prints in the play dough
  • Math: Sorting and counting animals
  • Science: Discussing animal behavior – how they act, what they eat, and the sounds they make
  • Oral Language: Sensory and small world play inspires lots of conversation
  • Social Skills: Working together to plan the play, share toys, coordinate activities
  • Pretend Play: Small worlds naturally inspire the imagination

Farm Sensory and Small World Play

Farm Small World Play

I love to set out an invitation for my children to discover a sensory small world with the toys set up in creative ways to inspire their own imaginative play. Variety in both the sensory materials provided and toys is fantastic but you can set up a sensory small world on a simpler scale as well using whatever you have on hand. We store and reuse many of our sensory materials over and over again. If you don’t use food in sensory play, you could easily substitute alternatives for those materials.

Farm Sensory Play for preschoolers

Setting Up a Farm Small World

We used green felt as a play mat with containers of real hay, lentils, and homemade play dough as our sensory bases. You could try used dried coffee grounds for soil, real soil and mud, grass clippings, sand, or small pebbles to name a few. The possibilities are endless so use what works best for your children!

The toys we included are a mix of ones we’ve had on hand and collected over the years. Again, use what you have, ask parents if you can borrow for a certain theme, or coordinate a toy swap to borrow themed props from a friend or neighbor! They can work on pirate play while you set up a farm small world and then you can switch!

Here are some favorite farm toys:
Down on the Farm TOOB
Fisher-Price Little People Farm

BIO:Devany LeDrew is a former kindergarten teacher who writes at Still Playing School where she shares play based learning activities. She specializes in sensory activities and often creates her own sensory recipes including the green tea play dough featured in this post! Follow Still Playing School on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!

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Easter Party Peeps Treat

Do you love Peeps? It just wouldn’t be Easter without those adorable little marshmallows!

These chocolate dipped Easter Bunny treats are super fun to make at home or in the classroom for an Easter party.

If sweets aren’t allowed in your school be sure to check out my bunny veggie cups, they’re super cute and healthy too!

I also made a printable treat topper for you that you can use with cheddar bunnies instead of Peeps, keep reading to grab yours.

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Bunnies for Easter
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Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Bunnies

Chocolate dipped marshmallow bunnies are a sure hit at any Easter party!

For double the fun, invite the kids to help you dip the bunnies in the chocolate.

Chocolate Dipped Peeps on a Stick

Supplies Needed to Make Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Bunnies

How to Make Bunny Peeps on a Stick

First, insert the lollipop sticks into your marshmallow bunnies.

Next, place your chocolate in a mixing bowl and melt in the microwave for 30 seconds, then mix with a spatula.

Once the chocolate is completely melted, dip your bunnies! Be sure to let the excess chocolate run off or chocolate will drip down your sticks.

Next, place your chocolate dipped bunnies on wax paper and let them dry for about 10 minutes.

When your bunnies are dry, you can display them attractively in a vase or jar, wrap them in clear cellophane and put in Easter baskets, or eat and enjoy!

Easter Printable Treat Bag Topper

Bunny Peeps Treat Bags

I also made these printable treat toppers for you to use at home or school. These make perfect gifts for Easter baskets or parties.

If sweets aren’t your thing or aren’t allowed at your party, you can use Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies instead of Peeps.

Printable Easter Treat Bag Topper

Printable Easter Treat Bag Topper

Just print as many copies of the treat bag toppers as you would like, cut, then fold and staple to the top of a resealable sandwich size bag.

Download Printable Easter Treat Topper

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