Butterfly Life Cycle Sensory Bin

Children love learning about butterflies, especially in the spring. Our colorful butterfly life cycle sensory bin is a fun way to extend this learning! We also used it to practice counting and sorting, which are important early math skills. This sensory bin is great for an insect theme.

Butterfly Life Cycle Sensory Bin for preschooll
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Materials for the Sensory Bin

Assembling the sensory bin

Place the desired amount of pasta into a plastic bag, add a few squirts of liquid watercolors, and give the bag a good shake. Once the pasta is colored as you’d like, spread the pasta on paper towels to dry. We decided to make this sensory bin super colorful, so each type of pasta was dyed a few different colors. If you’re worried about wasting plastic bags, keep in mind that they’re easily rinsed out and reused.

Once all of the pasta is dry, mix everything together in a sensory bin or basket. Then let the children dive in and play!

preschool butterfly life cycle sensory play

Butterfly life cycle sensory activity

Each type of pasta represents a different aspect of the butterfly life cycle. The curly rotini pasta is a “caterpillar”, the shell pasta is a “chrysalis”, and the bowtie pasta is a “butterfly.”

With this bin, children can talk about what happens after a caterpillar emerges from an egg. This is a hands-on way for them to retell the life cycle with their peers. We did that a few times, and then we moved on to some early math.

The children sorted by color first, placing all of the same colors together no matter the shape. After everything was sorted by color, we sorted by shape, with all of the butterflies together and so on.

butterfly sensory play
Once that was done, the children decided to sort by color and shape at the same time. For this, all of the yellow butterflies were placed together while the yellow chrysalises were gathered in a different group.

After the final sorting was done, we counted how many pasta pieces were in each group. Then it was back to scooping and pouring the pasta together!

Expand the Learning

Add books about the butterfly’s life cycle. Books like Waiting for Wings by Lois Ehlert and From Caterpillar to Butterfly by Deborah Heiligman are great resources. See link below for more books about butterflies and insects.

BIO: Pop over to Fun-A-Day to see what Mary Catherine is up to! She loves to share fun and meaningful learning activities (literacy, science, math, art, and more) every day. If you’re looking for more butterfly activities, be sure to check out her printable butterfly life cycle book and butterfly necklace.

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Insect Alphabet Matching Game

Do your kids love all things that creep and crawl? Then studying insects is a great way to capture their interest!

Learning about insects is a perfect springtime theme for preschoolers. This insect alphabet matching activity will allow your children to look closely at the characteristics of insects and help your preschoolers learn uppercase and lowercase letters.

Insect Alphabet Activity
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Letter Recognition

When children are doing this activity, they are practicing letter recognition and matching uppercase to lowercase letters. Since the alphabet letters are not in order, it makes this activity a bit more challenging.

Matching uppercase to lowercase letters can be a challenge for young children. Some lowercase letters look similar (like b, d, p, and q). This insect alphabet matching activity makes practicing matching the letters fun! And we all know kids love fun activities!

Insect Alphabet Matching Activity for preschool

Set Up

Here are the materials you need for this activity:

Start by cutting the grass tablecloth to fit around the whiteboard. Wrap the extra part of the tablecloth behind the board and glue or staple it down.

Insect alphabet game

Next, glue uppercase alphabet stickers to the back of 26 insects. (I used a hot glue gun for this.) Then place the lowercase alphabet stickers around the grass board.

Insect Alphabet Game for Preschool

Time to Play

Invite the children to match the letters to each other. My children picked up an uppercase letter insect and searched the board for the lowercase letter. Once they found it, they placed the insect on top of it.

Insect Matching Alphabet Game

They thoroughly enjoyed this alphabet activity! This was a good challenge for my three-year-old and fun practice for my five-year-old.

Here are some alternate ways to do this activity:

  • use only uppercase letters
  • use only lowercase letters
  • place letters in alphabetical order
  • use only a portion of the alphabet

Choose what will be challenging (but not too difficult) for your children. Keep it fun.

My kids had fun doing this activity and I hope you’ll try it out with your preschoolers!

BIO: Angela is the writer of Teaching Mama, where she shares hands-on learning activities for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. She is a former teacher, turned stay-at-home-mom to 3 wonderful boys. She is also the author of The Preschool Journey, a great resource for preparing your child for Kindergarten. You can connect with her on Facebook,Pinterest, or Instagram.

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Mother’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to show some extra love for your mom. Here are a few gift ideas that kids can make for their mothers.

Mother's Day Gifts Kids Can Make

Give this lovely sugar scrub gift that will leave Mom feeling relaxed and fresh after use! Also it comes with free printable label too!

Make some paper mache bowls– these are great to make for holding all sorts of things.

Every mom has to have a hot beverage, whether she is a tea drinker or a coffee lover. Kids will love making these simple Popsicle stick coasters. Add an extra personal touch with hearts or flower paintings.

These fingerprint candles make the perfect display item. Use them when the power is out or when you get to take that rare bubble bath!

Moms need to plant their flowers somewhere! Make this footprint butterfly flower pot as a personal touch.

Let’s face it, every mom loves to display their child’s artwork. This You Are My Sunshine handprint keepsake is perfect!

Easy Mother's Day Gifts From Kids

Sure, Mom gets flowers for special occasions, but why not make these vibrantly colored coffee filter flowers for the gift that keeps on giving!

Speaking of flowers, save those special occasion flowers in this potpourri box made with Popsicle Sticks.

Most mothers love to tinker in the garden. Make these garden markers by painting stones to liven up the garden or walkway.

You can also make personalized gift paper by printing some butterflies and ladybugs.

Want to make a super cute keepsake gift for Mom that she will cherish for a lifetime? Try this “You are My Sunshine” photo op from Kathy Griffin’s Teaching Strategies and Mom will fall in love all over again!

You can make lots of things with clear sticky (Contact) paper! These sticky paper bookmarks and sun catchers are perfect for both younger and older children, and of course, Mom will love them!

What mom wouldn’t love to receive a homemade necklace from their little one? These easy and adorable lavender heart necklaces from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds will be treasured forever by mom!

Need an idea fast? Write or draw a heartfelt message on a small bit of paper and pair it with a Hershey’s kiss. Happy Mothers Day!

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