Color Theme Activities for Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten

Color Theme Activities for Teaching and Learning About Colors in Preschool

Books about Colors

5 Day Color Lesson Plan

Day 1:

  • Read Frog Street Press color book to class.
  • Introduce the color box and shape.
  • Sing Frog Street Press color song. Show the book and turn the pages as you sing the song.
  • Place a copy of the color song and book in your listening center.

Day 2:

  • Read Frog Street Press color book to class.
  • Sing Frog Street Press color song. Show the book and turn the pages as you sing the song.
  • Introduce the color cards and Learn Your Colors pocket chart.
  • Introduce the color poster and model how to “read” it as you sing the song with the class. Place the poster in a center with pointers so the students can “read” it independently.

Days 3-5:

  • Read Frog Street Press color book to class.
  • Sing Frog Street Press color song. Show the book and turn the pages as you sing the song.
  • Sing the Frog Street Press color song using the color cards OR the Learn Your Colors pocket chart, let your Student of the Day decide.

Note: Since we study each color for two weeks days 3-5 repeat themselves the following week. Each song is available in the listening center all year after it is introduced. The color books and boxes are also available all year after their initial introduction.

Color Music

I started using Frog Street Press color songs in 2000 and I don’t know how I managed before then! There is a song for each color, a music CD, and a reproducible book so you can copy and make little books for each child, or enlarge, color, and laminate to make books to use with the whole class. Then, I upgraded to the Frog Street color big books and little books. These are already colored for you if you don’t have the time, a great investment in my opinion.

Color Boxes
red box
green game
color tablecloth
I collect items of various colors. The pictures above shows the red and green items. I collect these items from various places like thrift stores, garage sales, Happy Meal toys, and dollar stores.

The items can be sorted on the giant sorting mat pictured above. The mat is made from a dollar store vinyl tablecloth and permanent markers. I like using the sorting mat with the color items because it can be easily rolled up and stored in a box or bin on the shelf.

I introduce the color box on the first day of our new color. I have all the children sitting in a circle around the sorting mat on the floor, then I pass the box around the circle and each child takes one item. Next, we take turns naming our item and using complete sentences such as “The football is red” and then placing the item on the mat.

After I have introduced a color I put the items in a center and the students can play the color game on their own. It sounds so simple, but it is actually a favorite of every class I have ever had. They anticipate each new box and try to guess what might be inside, the first day the box goes into a center they are all fighting over who can play with it first.

Color Cards
color cards
Die the cut the letters to each color word on the appropriate colored construction paper. Glue the letters to black or white squares of construction paper to make individual letter cards that spell out the color words and laminate. When you sing each color song with your class pass out the corresponding color cards to individual students and have them stand in front of the class to spell out the word. As the song plays have them hold up their letter card when they hear it in the song, this activity helps promote letter identification.

Color Big Book

I use these posters in my classroom to help teach colors. You can laminate and bind them to create your very own big book that your students can “read” independently without the risk of damage.

Classroom Library
color book box
In the classroom library we have a book box containing color books.

Color Resources

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