Shape Activities for Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten
Teaching Shapes in Preschool


Activities and ideas for teaching young children to recognize shapes in childcare, preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten classrooms.

Shape Books

Using Music to Teach Shapes:

We don’t teach shapes in one isolated unit, instead we focus on one shape every two weeks using the HeidiSongs Jumpin’ Numbers and Shakin’ Shapes DVD and then we review daily for the rest of the year. These DVD’s are very effective because they use a multi-sensory approach which adds a visual and movement to each shape song. The students see the shape, sing the song, and move all at the same time. These things combined provide a more meaningful experience that promotes retention of the shapes being taught. We also incorporate shape activities into our math centers throughout the year to reinforce shape recognition.

5 Day Shape Plan

We select just one shape to focus on for a two week period at a time.

Day 1:

  • Read a shape book to the class, focus on the shape you are currently learning.
  • Sing and dance to the HeidiSong that corresponds with your focus shape.
  • Introduce the shape song cards (also from HeidiSongs)- leader holds an enlarged shape card up in front of class while students sing the song.
  • Place a recording of the HeidiSong shape song and song book in your listening center for independent practice.

Days 2-5:

  • Read the shape book to class.
  • Sing and dance to the HeidiSong that corresponds with your focus shape.
  • Shape song card- leader holds the song card up in front of class while students sing the song.

Note: Since we study each shape for two weeks days 2-5 repeat themselves every day the following week. Each song is available in the listening center all year after it is introduced. The shape song book is also available all year in the class library, the song cards are added to the book as they are introduced to the class.

Shape Book Box
shape books
In our classroom library we have a book box containing shape books.

Color and Shape Bingo

Shape Posters
I use the number and shape posters from HeidiSongs and place them on the wall in my classroom. I also bound a set to create a book for the classroom library that my students can “read” independently.

Thematic Shape Activities
You can find more shape activities on the individual Theme Pages.

Shape Resources

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