Dramatic Play Grocery Store

dramatic play grocery store in preschool
Do you struggle to find time to change out the props in your dramatic play center? These printable props will help you easily transform your dramatic play center into a Grocery Store. This packet also provides research that explains how dramatic play supports academic learning in preschool and kindergarten. The Grocery Store play kit is infused with literacy, math, and writing opportunities that support current learning standards.

Dramatic Play Grocery Store Video

Contents of Grocery Store Printable Kit

The 36 page Dramatic Play Grocery Store Kit includes the following printables:

  • Open and Closed Signs {large and small}
  • Four different grocery store signs {Preschool, Pre-K, Kinder, and one for personalization}
  • One Market Bunting Banner
  • Hours of Operation Sign
  • Printable Coupons
  • Two Sale Signs
  • Aisle Signs {Six different signs}
  • Food Picture Cards
  • Shopping List
  • Employee of the Month Sign
  • Manager on Duty Sign

dramatic play farmers market center in preschool

Grocery Store Bunting Banner

The colorful banner and signs will provide meaningful literacy experiences for your students in the dramatic play center as well as let everybody know where to find the best deals in town!

dramatic play grocery bag

Grocery Store Bags

I purchased a set of child-sized cloth bags from my local craft store and used printable, iron-on t-shirt transfers to create customized grocery bags to go with this play theme. You can use real cloth grocery bags but I find they are too large for young children and they tend to fill them up with everything but the kitchen sink.

grocery store dramatic play apron

Grocery Store Aprons and Name Tags

I purchased a few child-sized cloth aprons from my local craft store. Then I used printable t-shirt transfers to create customized aprons for the “employees” at the grocery store to wear. Also pictured above is a name tag which you can find for free on the blog here.

These name tags will provide your students with even more literacy and writing opportunities. Just print the name tags, cut, and insert into clip-on plastic badge holders from the office supply store. Students can write their names on the badges using Vis-a-vis markers and then erase their writing with baby wipes.

grocery store dramatic play aisle signs

Dramatic Play Grocery Store Food

I used small boxes of cereal and animal crackers stuffed with newspaper and taped shut for the dry goods aisle. I had the felt cupcakes and cake from the dollar store “leftover” from the bakery shop so they went in the bakery aisle.

dramatic play farmers market stand

Dramatic Play Market Stand

This grocery store stand was found for a very affordable price on Craig’s List. The cash register and blue shopping baskets were purchased at Goodwill. They had a few toy shopping carts at Goodwill that I considered buying but in my experience anything with wheels turns into a race car so I played it safe and went with the baskets.

Paint Chip Loyalty Cards for Dramatic Play Grocery Store Center via www.pre-kpages.com

Paint Chip Loyalty Cards

Every grocery store must have a loyalty card! You can download these free printable loyalty card stickers and read all about how to make your own using paint chips on the blog HERE.

Printable Dramatic Play Can Labels

Printable Can Labels

Learn how to easily create your own custom cans for your pretend play grocery store. Free Printable can labels can be found on the blog HERE.


Printable props to help you easily transform your dramatic play center into a Grocery Store or Farmer's market. Includes literacy, math, and writing opportunities that align with current learning standards.

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